DDP Delivery Headache! I may be getting scammed. Help?

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    Delivery Agent used their own VAT/EORI in customs clearance and now I can't write it off in my tax return.

    I used Duty Paid delivery for the first time, with a reliable supplier from China. They made and delivered my products for years now- with FOB, later DDU delivery. The last DDU shipment (in Dec 2019) had large delays, some problems caused by an agent, etc and they changed the agent and offered DDP instead when I pre-pay the expected VAT with the shipping cost. Higher upfront cost, but it worked out the same cost in the end anyway, and would be faster and less stress I thought. Ok.

    Indeed, the goods ware delivered in great condition very quickly. I had them literally 2 days after they ware unloaded from the ship. (middle of June).

    I have been waiting for the VAT C79 for it. They always take a long time but by the middle of August, I was worried it got lost in the post.
    No, turns out, the agent used the money I paid included with the shipping cost, to pay import VAT on MY goods, but for some reason, DIDN'T use my VAT/EORI number while doing the clearance.

    They claimed the VAT instead "they did the customs clearance and paid the VAT fees on behalf of themselves, when they quoted shipping cost, they need be resposible for customs and duties"

    Am I being daft? Is this normal? I did not see this anywhere DDP shipping is explained.
    Or is the agent shady?
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