Cumulus awarded major international health contract

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    Cumulus awarded major international health contract

    Ipswich-based communications company Cumulus Telemarketing are proud to announce the acquisition of a brand new international contract, which will allow them to expand their horizons and offer telephone support to over 50,000 health students worldwide.

    The family-run firm specialise in offering communication solutions to companies both large and small, and the new addition to their client base is proof that the growing business is able to compete at the highest level.

    With customer service right at the heart of their ideology, Cumulus boast an inbound and outbound cloud-based contact centre, with a wealth of employee knowledge in the sales, marketing and customer service sectors.

    In addition to their telephone support, Cumulus Telemarketing also offer a plethora of services to help cope with the rigours of the digital age. Services such as help desk, disaster recovery solutions, diary management, advertising and data screening are all specially tailored to allow companies the freedom to concentrate on other, more pressing issues of daily life - issues such as surviving, and hopefully making a profit.

    The contract with the London-based health company is Cumulus' biggest to date, and they will be acting as customer service liaison for students on an international scale. But Cumulus' managing director Craig Richardson is confident that his company is more than ready to meet the challenge.

    "We are really proud as a small business to be able to work with such a big company. Supporting their needs of great customer service with our cloud based contact centre is proof of just how far our business has come. I am confident that with the wealth of knowledge and experience that we have in the call centre we will be able to thrive during our new partnership, and show the world just how capable we are.

    The contract, which offers health students support around the globe, will initially run for one year. But, at the rate this business has blossomed, the sky really is the limit for Cumulus Telemarketing.

    You can find out more about Cumulus Telemarketing, and the services they offer, by visiting their website at
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