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    Hello all

    My name is Mendez, my partner & me have an interior decorating business in Moscow. Just over a year ago we decided to create our own range of household luxury clocks, we have had quite a lot of success so far & we would like to translate that here. My partner deals with the production being a very creative person & I myself look after & arrange everything else. I've decided to go for & to try out the drop shipping method, however I am having some hassle finding reputable people that can sell on our behalf. One of my issues is on the main drop shipping sites in order to become a registered distributor my business should be headquartered & based in the UK, that's not the case because we founded the business in Moscow a few years back. This is a rather annoying situation & I would greatly appreciate any solutions.

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    There are many sites selling giftware where your clocks could be added. Contact them direct with details and pictures. What is the postage time going to be like from Moscow to the UK?
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    Many of the dropshipping sellers will not be bothered by the fact you are overseas. Common enough for them to order from China, Republic of China, South Africa etc.

    You could try providing stock to companies that supply dropship sellers - they often buy in from China.
    Not sure of any that cover clocks these days, may have to search around.
    They will however want stock much cheaper than you will sell to retailers dropshipping.
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    Try and sell your products on market places yourself first. There is eBay and Amazon and a hundred other sites through our Europe where you could list them. - Netherlands
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