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Conducting your own viewing

Discussion in 'General Business Forum' started by self-sale, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. self-sale

    self-sale UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Good afternoon,

    What top tips would you give to a vendor if they were going to conduct their own house viewing to a potential buyer.
    What should they do to:

    show the property off at its best
    make the viewing run professionally and smoothly
    increase the chances of an offer

    I'm sure we all have previous experiences to share best practice.

    I look forward to everyones recommendations.

    Posted: Mar 26, 2008 By: self-sale Member since: Oct 25, 2007
  2. maria102

    maria102 UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    show the property off at its best
    Make it clean, presentable and uncluttered.

    make the viewing run professionally and smoothly
    Hold a few dummy runs and work out a set routine.

    increase the chances of an offer
    We've got two houses on the market at the moment, so I would say "beg doggy beg!"....I really wish people would start having confidence in the market again so we could sell ours. :mad:
    Posted: Mar 26, 2008 By: maria102 Member since: Oct 25, 2005
  3. JohnG

    JohnG UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    It's usually best to let the agent do it as they can often get some feedback from the viewers who might be too embarassed to say anything to you.

    That said, make sure the entrance to your home is inviting and guide them in a route that you've planned in advance. Get to the kitchen early (if it's a good feature) as people often make judgements based solely on that. When you show them into a room let them go in first - the room will look bigger that way. Providing you feel comfortable about them, let them wander around a bit on their own before they leave.

    Don't pressure them to make any comments but right at the end ask them how they feel about it; you'll be able to tell if they like it. If they mention coming back for a second look that's a good sign; if they do that and then discuss coming back for a third look (unless they want to measure up!) it's likely they've lost interest.

    If it's any help we offer a free PDF guide you can download at (click on the link on the right).

    Hope all this is of some help.
    Posted: Mar 26, 2008 By: JohnG Member since: Jan 15, 2008
  4. craigfer

    craigfer UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    1. Give it a good clean as maria102 says - pay a professional
    2. Try and look at it from a buyers point of view - any odd jobs that need doing make sure they are done.
    3. Think about having a open day - it will let you gauge the number of people interested in it
    4. If you have pets try and remove them and the smell
    5. Declutter and Neutral are the two key things to remember for your rooms
    6. If you don't have to sell the property try getting a letting agent to value it - you might be surprised what rental per month you could get for it
    Posted: Mar 26, 2008 By: craigfer Member since: Feb 3, 2008
  5. GarethG

    GarethG UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Hi Steve,

    Once upon a time I tried my hand at estate agency (but gave it up and got a proper job). My opinion would be the following (in no particular order):

    Prepare! Know when they are coming (93% will be late). Don't plan to be eating, rushing to go out, or smoking illegal drugs when they come round (yes that happened). On that note - dress properly - don't be sat in your kitchen in your pants smoking a huge spliff (Yes, that's the same guy! They didn't buy the house)

    Don't ask too many questions - that'll scare them. Just be polite and point out things of interest (Telling them "this is the kitchen" is not really needed - they should be able to get that one themselves)

    Let them walk through doors and up stairs etc first - the last thing that will sell your house to them is seeing the back of your head or bum going before them

    Plan a route and lead from behind - tell them when to turn and where to go next. Otherwise they will dither.

    Try and keep groups together - remember it's your house and the last thing you need is Mr upstairs, Mrs downstairs and the kids wiping their noses on your cat - that's when you are not in control

    Give them options to make them think they are in control - "Do you want to go in the garden first or upstairs? It's up to you"

    Clear out the family. Get anyone who lives with you to go for a walk or drive (or go to the pub). You want them to be able to see the place as their home - not to feel like visitors in someone else's home

    If you have a drive or parking space - let them use it so they feel at home

    Turn the TV off - low background music is ok but you want them to be paying attention to the house

    If there are any obvious bad points to the house or area, feel free to mention them. It's better to mention road noise in the garden from a busy road and point out the other benefits of the place than to ignore it and hope they don't notice

    Put the lights on - even in the day I would have lamps etc on to brighten the place up - they can always turn them off if they want to

    Finish all the little jobs that you may not have done - a little bit of painting scratches, replacing light bulbs and touching up will make a huge difference

    There's a million and one other things that could be mentioned but I doubt it'll make a huge difference. One final thing, do not be surprised, upset or annoyed by parting comments like "It's a lovely home" and "I really like it", only to never see or hear from them again. Whilst some will be truthful, the majority will be making pleasantries as they are too embarrassed to say what they really think direct to a vendor.

    If you have any questions etc feel free to email me - I spent ages trying to study "viewers" and have far too many opinions on the subject.

    P.S. I forgot to mention - don't even think about discussing the price on a viewing. Do not mention that you may look at an offer, do ask them what position they are in (Selling / In rented / nothing to sell / on market but not under offer / not on market but need to sell), do know what to say when they ask "why are you moving". Basically don't say anything that puts you in a weaker position. Comments like "we've found the house of our dreams and will lose it if we don't sell quickly" are not helpful.

    Also I sold my own house and dealt with the solicitors, buyers and the vendors of the place I bought on my own. I cannot recommend it. The stress nearly killed me. I am now bald, a solical recluse and don't trust anyone. Especially estate agents. No surprise there then.

    Hope this helps.

    Posted: Mar 27, 2008 By: GarethG Member since: Mar 27, 2008
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