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    MEGNWEIHU UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Hi , I am Mengwei originally from east part of China, now lived in Nottingham.

    Well , I finished my master degree in UEA last year. Currently, I am doing trade, specifically on solar energy and windows. Cause my Chinese family working on this. Also, I am regularly back China every three month to check the products.

    Feel free to chat with me, I like to meet new friends here!

    Posted: Aug 27, 2015 By: MEGNWEIHU Member since: Aug 26, 2015
  2. ChrysaorRahl

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    Hi All, I'm Kon, starting a video gaming lounge in Nottingham City Centre.

    Always looking for new business owners to connect and network with.

    Feel free to email me, or meet up for networking. Does anyone in here use any of the Meetup groups for networking?
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  3. ManuMeaMillinery

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    New to the forum! Live in Nottinghamshire and work for myself as designer, creator, salesperson, chief bottle washer and cleaner in my own millinery company. I am a very small acorn so am looking for tips on how to improve my sales pitch to potential stockists etc, or any useful advise for a complete business duffer! I adore designing and creating but selling myself and my products does fill me with horror.
    Anyone want to network?
    Great to meet you x
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  4. Small Biz Geek

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    Hi, I'm not far away - Ilkeston, inside the border of South East Derbyshire, but very close to Nottingham City. I love the phrase "chief bottle washer and cleaner" - haha. That's a phrase Alan Sugar uses in his autobiography.

    Yes I do want to network, in fact there's some very good networking events in Nottingham that are free to attend and I suggest you look into some of these. If you private message me I'll suggest some good ones.
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  5. ManuMeaMillinery

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    Hi Darren,
    Apologies for the delay in reply - circumstances beyond my control! Sadly, I've never read Alan Sugar's autobiography so wasn't aware that I had appropriated his phrase. I would love some networking information - my lovely long suffering husband is willing to drive me!! - but don't seem to be able to send a private message. Could you send one to me and I will respond please? Or at least point out the error of my ways............ Thank you so much
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  6. ONEX Marketing

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    Hello all, my name is Darren, I'm founder of ONEX Marketing, a SME focused digital marketing agency in Derby. Our USP is thatwe appreciate how difficult it is to market yourself when starting out and cash is short, we allow all our customers to pay monthly for all their services, including web design.

    I'm here if anyone needs me :)
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