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  1. davehayes

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    Morning Alcom,

    Nice to meet you here, likewise, I am returning to this forum, in a hope that I can help others business owners out by sharing tips ideas and other nuggets collected over a diverse working career which spans 30 odd years.

    Plus I am looking forward to meeting new connections as well

    Outside of work, I am a football mad fan, with a weird mix of Chelsea, MK Dons and AFC Wimbledon, interesting stories to connect all 3!

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  2. GFandCo

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    Hi all,

    I am Gary, a new member.

    I have been running my own accountancy practice in north Kent for a few years and am now looking to expand so thought this might be a good place to advertise my services and give a bit of free advice.

    What are the rules for posting a thread advertising my services? Is this allowed?


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  3. GFandCo

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    Hi all,

    I am a new member on here.

    If anyone has any questions regarding Accountancy or wish to discuss our Accountancy services, please feel free to ask.

    Kind regards,

    Gary Foster
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  4. Paul_Rosser

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    Hi Gary and welcome to UKBF.
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  5. SBlundell

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    Hello and welcome to UKBF :)
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  6. LivechannelUK

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    Hi All,

    Just wanted to say a BIG hello to you all from sunny Maidstone!

    I've launched my own company, excited and scared of going solo!

    If any one wants to pop in for a coffee at our Maidstone Web TV Studio, just let me know! :)

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  7. alexlg

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    Hi -
    I'm new to this forum and based in Southsea (Portsmouth). Is that the SE?
    Anyway, the only thing I sell at the moment is Avon but I've heard some good things about vending and was wondering about getting a few machines. Any advice/suggestions gratefully received!
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  8. totallyinbound

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    Hi Everyone,

    I'm William, a new member here that runs an inbound marketing agency called Iconsive out of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Currently in the process of re-developing our website to better frame our current methodology & approach.

    I've been working in online marketing for around 8 years now, evolving with all of its twists and turns. After using most online marketing techniques in one form or another to promote products and services internationally over the years, I'm now a full on advocate of the inbound marketing methodology. Inbound marketing is all about being easily found when prospects need your products/services, delivering compelling, problem solving content to prospects via your website in exchange for their contact details & nurturing leads with automated email content to warm them up so your sales team can convert them to customers.

    This is at contrast to the traditional "outbound" approach, which is all about delivering tons of direct mail pieces, running ads on the TV, purchasing huge email lists, etc. and getting eyes in front of your brand whether they are interested in your products/services or not.

    Outside of work I'm a keen skiier & weightlifter.. Don't get enough time to do nearly as much skiing as I'd like to, unfortunately!

    Look forward to getting to know you all, and sharing my experience when appropriate.
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  9. Nosheen00

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    Hello All,

    I'm new to the forum. Could someone please give me some guidance on any legislation regarding competitions run by online businesses?

    Any help will be great! or a nudge in the direction of a relevant post!

    Thank you :)

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  10. Your IT Works

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    Hope all is well. We are Your IT Works, based in Milton Keynes. We provide complete Cloud, IT, and Wireless solutions to SMEs predominantly in the South East of England. Our experience within the IT industry stretches back over 15 years, however as a business have only been operational for a few years now.
    As a new member of the forum, we look forward to sharing our experience and receiving it likewise.
    If you need any advice on anything IT, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
    Thank you
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  11. joinuniverse

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    Hi all,

    We are new in UKBF, but we are very pleased with the environment and interesting threads so far.

    We are a small digital agency based in London. We started in 2010 by developing our own internet projects, with websites mostly targeted to the travel industry. As years passed we expanded our team of creative designers, copywriters, SEO and PPC pros, etc. What was in first instance intended to be a publishing agency with lot of websites and an advertising-driven revenue model, ended up being an hybrid business model of in-house projects + PR & digital marketing affordable support for all size firms.

    After developing over 50 websites for our own projects, we acquired extensive expertise allowing us today to provide clients with £200 quality websites, bespoken designed fully managed within 2 weeks. As we own a vast network of over 300 authority websites in different industries (some projects developed in-house some acquired) we can handle from large to medium campaigns for any budget and deliver quality traffic on the go.

    Our ultimate release and project we are dedicating most of our time it's, the first peer to peer platform allowing to hire and hire out goods and services from anyone in UK

    o Post unlimited free classified ads and reach huge audiences
    o Receive customers enquiries staright to your registered email
    o Transactions are commission-free
    o Already 1M registered users and 100k+ indexed pages in Google

    My name is Marcelo, 28 years old MBA International business, I am a very transparent guy feel free to contact me for any advice or whatever you need. I have a recently born 2-weeks daughter so sometimes I can't make it to reply within few hours, but expect my reply within 48 hours for sure.

    I am very interested to take the most out of this great community, so do not hesitate to get in touch for enriching our business experience.

    Kind regards,
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  12. aimeecarmichael

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    I am not new here but have not been on for a while. I have my own marketing business: specialise in social media, PR, online, digital, LinkedIn training etc.

    I work with corporates, b2b, professional services.

    Here to network and look for ideas and contacts to grow my business. Need any help just shout, happy to meet for coffees.
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  13. aimeecarmichael

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    wow sounds like a great business idea
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  14. Alan

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    Hi we are long term members of UKBF.

    llocally is based near Woking, and I'm the 'techy'. We started life as an internet marketing agency, but in a change of direction now focus on building websites for small and startup businesses. We build almost exclusively in Wordpress and have built up substantial expertise in Wordpress due to this.

    You'll normally find me chipping in in technical threads relating to coding and other things that I think I know a little about.
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  15. DavethePestMan

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    Not quite sure if I'll manage much networking here 'cause my business is in pest control and I don't usually travel more than about 10 miles from Sandhurst (the one in Berkshire) - but never mind: I'm certainly in the 'London and S.E region' so I've popped in to say hello!
    Happy to offer what professional advice I can, when I can, via these forums (or private message if you prefer).

    I look forward to 'meeting' some of you via the message threads!
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  16. SBlundell

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    Hello all and welcome to UKBF (mostly!) :)
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  17. Julia05

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    Hello everyone,I am Julia,a new to this forum and wish introduce myself. I am are about to launch a domestic cleaning agency,therefore would be grateful if someone who runs similar type of business can share some tips with me.

    I have a question: I looking for a advice on this matter,shall I instruct a lawyer for drawing a Terms&Conditions and contract templates or just download from websites,which are offering a legal documents? Which option is appropriate?
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  18. Jon K.

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    Just to say 'Hello!'

    We are Estuary I.T., offering various I.T. solutions from our base in Belvedere. We'll gladly offer what help we can here in the forums and, of course, in person.

    See you out there and in here!


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  19. joeptsearle

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    I thought I would just chuck a post In here as I am in south east but regularly do business in and around london. My name is joe and I am an online affiliate marketer in the MMO industry. I am also a fitness pro and provide offline and online support, selling my programmes and very shortly my first ebook launch. I have been training for two years and marketing online for one, so if anyone has any questions either about marketing online or about fitness and nutrition, DM me and ill be more than happy to help!
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  20. farnhamit

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    Hello, We are based in watford too! We can help you boost your sales within 1 month, Please contact me.
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