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    My name is Ryan, I'm a Digital Marketing Executive from Cardiff area.
    I have also worked in Sales/Customer Service Management, IT Technician & Web Designer as well as a Freelance Sound Engineer

    I've been planning my e-commerce business for awhile and looking to network with like minded people and businesses.

    Feel free to send me a message :)
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    Hi All,

    My name is Ian, I am currently the Media Specialist for a local independently owned company in the centre of Cardiff called Mail Boxes Etc.

    I've come on here to chat to the locals and hopefully learn a lot in the process.

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    hi all
    located in brecon on the A40 A470 link rd at Ffrwdgrech est unit 4, Brecon storage And distribution interlink service, we cover a range of options for both small business and the general public, Self Storage and business storage, a business distribution , ideal for those small or home run business to store goods at a low cost, with the option of using our low cost shipping deals, postal also open to general public, a cash 4 cloths is also just started so business is slowly growing within the community, we can offer those deals for those outside the brecon catchment area
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    My name is Liz and I live in the Merthyr Tydfil area. I have an admin background, and worked in University of Glamorgan (Now UoW) for 10 years.

    I have recently started a new business venture as an agent with Investments Platform International. I am self employed and provide people with the opportunity to get their pensions reviewed free of charge. Alongside that, I am also an Independent Distributor for The Utility Warehouse Discount Club, helping people cut their monthly residential and/or business bills.

    I am also a mother of 3 lovely, grown up children and a grandmother to 7 fantastic grandchildren....I'm busy! :)

    I'm hoping to make some local business contacts and also pick up effective marketing tips.
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    Hi Katie, welcome to Wales :)
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    I'm Dylan - I'm a digital marketing expert from Swansea, although I now live in Kyiv, Ukraine, as life here is a lot nicer for me than at home (but I still visit regularly).

    I own two businesses, one is called Prysma, and is a digital marketing agency primarily for Ukrainian and US based clients, and the other is my new venture, Media Booster, which provides marketing tools for people who want to get better results from their online marketing. We currently only have one main product, an AI based system to help people grow sales on Instagram, but more in the works.

    Get in touch with me if you ever need any help or advice (free of charge) for marketing, I love to help others out, especially if you're based in Wales!
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