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Discussion in 'Wales' started by Henry Osadzinski, Jul 13, 2012.

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    Welcome to the Wales community introductions thread. This is a new space for people in the local area to come in, say hello and let everyone know what their hopes and goals are from their time on UK Business Forums.

    Feel free to introduce yourself here and make others feel welcome :) If you know someone in your area who may benefit from joining in, be sure to let them know about us as well.

    While you're welcome to let people know what you're working on and a bit of background, please avoid anything that could come across as a sales pitch and, even if you're an established member, please don't link to your business here. The idea is to give people a chance to get to know each other and what's going on in their region.

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  2. Richard1989

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    Hello to anyone who reads here,

    Im Richard, 22 years of age.

    I study Accounting and Finance at Glamorgan University. Here at UKBF I read a lot to learn many different things in different problems that other members post about, and get feedback on certain things also.

    I am currently working on a project with another member of UKBF - we got talking through these forums and been developping different aspects of the idea. Hopefully when it all comes together more can be revealed!

    My current job is as a Doorman in a nightclub in Cardiff - Enjoyable and pays the bills while i study to get my professional qualification and move on to a more professional career.
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  3. Jim2k

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    Nice idea. Hello all, I'm Jim Lewington, 30 years of age and one of the Directors at Orbits IT based in Barry.

    Came to Wales to study Electronics & IT at Glamorgan Uni, got a job with Logica out of Bridgend. Learnt my trade with them over 7 years and many different roles and then joined Cadarn Housing Group/Newydd Housing's IT team supporting internal and external clients. It was whilst there that I saw a gap in the market for a customer focussed IT firm with a particular focus on the Third Sector. Formed Orbits in 2010 with a good friend from my school days (he left London and working as a consultant at Deloitte to start this venture - good on him), left my job in March 2011 and kicked Orbits off that April. Haven't looked back and have no intention of doing so.

    Have been on UKBF since day 1 of Orbits and have found it a useful site for advice, collaboration, business and a good laugh on occassion.

    Always enjoy UKBFers popping in for a coffee so if you are in the Vale at any point, drop me a line.
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  4. Inflow Media

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    Hi there!

    My name is Matt Taylor and I own the newly established business Inflow Media. We are based in Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent at a small unit/office. We're a marketing company, ranging from fitting vehicle graphics, all the way to branding strategies and photography!

    I have been established (officialy) one week! So this is a very fresh business! Prior to setting this up, I was working for a company outside of this borough doing exactly the same thing, I was working there for almost 4 years. I decided it was time to make the decision and set up on my own.

    I'm also an iregular poster here, but will start to get more active here, since this place is priceless for information!

    Thanks for reading,

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  5. TradeboxMedia

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    Hi there,

    Just registered for UK Business Forums and hoping for an active Welsh presence!

    I's Stephen and I'm the founder / chief bottle washer of Tradebox Media. We're a publishing firm in Cardiff and we develop and publish a range of apps for iOS and Android as well as publishing The Penny Post and running a couple of e-commerce sites.

    As it's Thursday, and I'm a big fan of Thirsty Thursdays, I'm off to the pub. If anyone fancies a pint with a side of business natter, do get in touch.
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  6. jgimcas

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    I just sign up in the forum and I'd like to introduce myself. I run a small business based in North Wales. We are importers of spanish food.

    Actually, I don't speak Welsh but I'm willing to learn it. However, I'd like to increase welsh presence here and make a good networking.

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  7. UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    I just wanted to Introduce myself to the forum. My name is Richard and I have recently started a job in online marketing.

    I joined this forum as i hope to learn more about my field and pass on my own knowledge to others.

    I am currently based in Cardiff and i look forward to Interacting with you all.

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  8. RedKingDesign

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    Thought I'd introduce myself here too. I run a small website design/SEO company based in Cardiff, Wales. I speak Welsh and make kick ass websites!

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  9. Cole PAT Testing

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    Hi, I've been reading the forum for a while and just wanted to introduce myself. My names Wayne and I have just set up my own PAT Testing business in Cardiff. I've found this forum very useful as a source of information on starting out as a sole trader, keep up the good work !
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  10. Phillippa

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    Hi Just wanted to introduce myself in the Regional section as recommended! I'm Phillippa, 34 years young. I'm a sole trader (florist) with a small shop in North Wales.
    Joined the forum to hopefully gain some knowledge and also share a bit! Have about 15 years retail florist experience as well as occasional dabbling in web sites :)
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  11. Markgfree

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    I see the last post here was in November which rather underlines my concern that North Wales is hardly connected to the Internet. Each time I do a search for a local service I find results coming up from Northwich or Liverpool. I keep being told off for "advertising" on this forum, (something that North Wales desperately needs). However, I shall have to content myself with saying something vague like "if you want a dynamic Internet presence and some down-to-earth advice please look at the contact details in my profile". I have read all the oft-repeated advice about "social media" and blogging and it seems the more these cliches are repeated, the less true they are. I have a blog on the subject!
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  12. k31000

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    I have been around the forum for about a year now. I run a guest house/motorcycle tour operation in South Gwynedd. I don't really post on many forums as there are not too many related to what I do. However, I have picked loads of useful tips from the IT and accounting stuff so all good really.
    It would be nice to see a higher profile from Wales....
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  13. Jordan.Boon

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    Hi there my name is Jordan Boon as my signature suggests i am in the T Shirt Printing business, have been doing it for 5 /6 years now and going really well. Had a great year last year and really trying to give it a boost for 2013.

    Also due to the online sucess of my printing company which i started from nothing, i am also helping other friends and business out with their SEO and online marketing, with the average cost per month being around £200 and the minimum local business spend being £100

    Looking forward to meeting everyone over the coming months.

    Jordan Boon
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  14. A Bell Accountancy

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    Hi my name is Amy I'm a qualified certified accountant and bookkeeper. I specialise in an accounts package called Sage and offer training and help with Sage 50 and Instant products. I am based just outside of Wrexham.

    I'm finding this website really useful it has lots of really good information on it.
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  15. reviewanyday

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    Thought I'd better introduce myself, my name is Ben, I'm from Cardiff. My username comes from Review Anyday which is a trading name of The Big Intro Ltd, a company that I contract to. It's are a contact centre based in Caerphilly that offers pension reviews, loans, claims management. We take on new businesses and offer them contact centre solutions, etc. so if you're in that line of business, get in touch!

    I've joined the forums just to get some ideas, what's out there, who's looking for what and to see if I can share some useful knowledge every now and then. But you can be the judge of that!

    Always interested in networking and meeting up with people in South Wales so drop me a message and we'll grab a coffee, lets see what we can do!

    Cheers guys!
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  16. John Mitchell

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    Hi, my name as you will see is John and apart from running my own business I am also currently the secretary for the Llanrwst Chamber of Trade.

    This introduction isn't really about me or my business but to tell you about the Chamber of Trade.

    We are a relatively new Chamber having been formed last summer but already have around 60 members covering many of the businesses in our North Wales town. If you are based in the area around Llanrwst we would love you to come along to one of our meetings held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6pm in the Glasdir conference centre. No need to book a place or anything, just turn up :)
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  17. North Wales Inks

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    Hi All
    I though to say hello in Wales section.
    We are based in North Wales and we sell computer Consumables on the internet
    Posted: Feb 9, 2014 By: North Wales Inks Member since: Aug 16, 2007
  18. dustandthings

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    Hello fellow Walians!

    I'm based in Cardiff, and co-run a Rustic Wedding (Stationery and on the day items and rentals) and Homewares business online with my partner.

    We're relatively new (the ecommerce side) but I have been creating Nature Wedding Stationery for a while. I come from both an Art and Environmental background and my partner has the business head.

    We're always looking to network with like-minded people and businesses, just pop me a message.
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  19. IvoryMint

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    Hi All!

    I've just moved to the area (having been abroad for a year and a half) to live with my partners Mum in Carmarthenshire. Together we have just started up a new wedding stationery business called IvoryMint. Looking to network with other local businesses who can impart their wisdom :)

    Hope you're all well, and I have to say - Wales is BEAUTIFUL!

    Thanks for reading,
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  20. Aloha Telecom

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    Hi All,

    We are local, national and international phone operator based just outside Pontypridd in Abercynon.

    We are finding this site full of lots of useful information.
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