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Discussion in 'North West' started by Henry Osadzinski, Jul 13, 2012.

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    Welcome to the North West community introductions thread. This is a new space for people in the local area to come in, say hello and let everyone know what their hopes and goals are from their time on UK Business Forums.

    Feel free to introduce yourself here and make others feel welcome :) If you know someone in your area who may benefit from joining in, be sure to let them know about us as well.

    While you're welcome to let people know what you're working on and a bit of background, please avoid anything that could come across as a sales pitch and, even if you're an established member, please don't link to your business here. The idea is to give people a chance to get to know each other and what's going on in their region.

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  2. StuLee79

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    Yes, as you have most probably already guessed by my enthusiasm, I'm new.

    My name is Stuart, I'm from Tyldesley (just outside Manchester) - I am a normally a Freelance Designer for my sins and do have my own little business in that field, but I have also recently taken over a friends Man-and-Van type business and I'm developing it into something that, I hope, will be impressive over the next few months.

    I'm looking forward to speaking to anyone and everyone on here and with luck I might learn a thing or two, pick up a few tips and maybe even some business?

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  3. OldWelshGuy

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    Hi Stu,

    diversification thats the way :)
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  4. tony84

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    Hi from another Manc.
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  5. Posilan

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    Hi Stu,

    Welcome aboard :)

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  6. DanzelMc

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    I'm embarking on a little harmless journey they call software startup. Hopefully this time in a couple of years I'd have delivered a good few software solutions to different clients and will be on my way to self-employment.

    I'm in Liverpool and I'm always open to suggestions, advice, feedback or business propositions.

    I've been here for 2 days and have already well and truly got the ball rolling thanks to this forum so I'm excited for what's to come.

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  7. AdamHolland

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    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum as from today and would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and company to you. I have just started a new PAT testing business called Superior Safety Developments. We are based in Stockport, Cheshire. Hopefully in a couple of months I will be able to provide a wider range of safety services if all goes to plan. I hope to gain some business contacts through this forum and look forward to hearing from you.

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  8. StuLee79

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    Hi again,

    Right - now introductions have been made, how do I go about getting in touch with people/businesses on here? Despite being a bit of a geek, I'm not used to forums so I apologise if my etiquette is a bit off.

    I'm liked to get in touch with anyone who deals with;
    Van leasing
    Van hire
    Van sales
    Van Persie (sorry, poor Mancunian humour there)
    Commercial vehicle insurance
    and anything else that might be related,

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  9. TheGuru2010

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    Hi Staurt, I deal with Self Drive Hire Companies & Alike if I can Help ?

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  10. StuLee79

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    Hi Jamie,

    I've dropped you a PM with more details, let me know if you haven't got it,

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  11. choorian

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    We're a newish kitchen/bedroom/study manufacturing company. I'de love to find out about networking for local manufacturers and I would like to speak to other business owners who deal with/sell to other businesses/traders.

    I'de love some advice & tips from other manufacturers/business owners on how to promote our business without large overheads.

    We're based in Preston.
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  12. moulin

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    I'm new too and not a regular user of forums.
    Nice to see how supportive people are.
    Good luck with the business
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  13. crystalballltd

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    Hello All,

    We are also new to the forums, looking forward to making some new connections and giving back to the UKBF community in the future.

    We're based in Manchester and help businesses with mobile workforces to reduce their operating costs, while increasing their productivity through the use of our GPS Telematics solutions.

    Looking at the forums I thought I'd list out a few of the types of industries that we currently help that I think are relevant to the community in general:

    Delivery Services/Logistics
    Health & Social Care
    Legal Services
    Field Services
    Field Sales

    Please feel free to PM us or visit our website where you can normally speak to us on live chat, always happy to discuss how we can help your business.

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  14. benion

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    My name is Dr Rosemary Claire Bolton and am the owner of Dr B Clean-a company using cutting edge medical research to revolutionise the cleaning industry. This newly flourishing business is a real winner. We go beyond cleaning based on appearance alone and use a Health-Focused Cleaning Approach to keep your employees, members or customers healthy.

    The concept is devised by me, Dr Rosemary Bolton, a former lecturer in medicine at Cambridge University. We are the first company in the UK currently to offer this state of the art service. Illness causing germs (such as influenza, MRSA, VRSA and the common cold) are currently spreading through your workplace. When it comes to reducing the spread of infection, traditional cleaning services are ineffective.

    For the same price or less than a traditional cleaning company you get our bespoke Health-Focused Cleaning Approach. This will save your company money as it is proven to increase staff productivity by reducing absenteeism due to acute infections. In the UK employees currently take 190 million sick days per year costing the economy a staggering £16.8 billion.

    We offer a truly bespoke cleaning service based on identifying your individual requirements and drawing up a service agreement to meet every item on your wish list. We believe clients should stay with us due to our standards of service rather than by being tied in to long-term contracts. We offer simple rolling monthly agreements to give you ultimate flexibility. This means we have to stay at the top of our game week in, week out. We value our staff and believe they should be paid a living wage, as such we have a strict no minimum wage policy.

    We are a flourishing independent company and would welcome the opportunity to give you a free initial consultation and a no-obligation quote. We are currently offering a free initial blitz clean rather than a standard clean on all new contracts. We do this in order to start improving the standards from your current cleaning firm to the excellence required by us.

    No matter where you are or what you need is there is only one company name you need to know: Dr B Clean.
    Thank you for taking the time as a busy member of staff to read this post.

    Kind regards,

    Dr Rosemary Bolton MA MB BChir (Cantab)
    07955 035306
    01204 480217
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  15. albyg

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    Hi - I (we) are new to the forum and just dropping by to say hello.

    We are husband & wife videographers - currently been going 2.5yrs - previously I was an electrical engineer for 38 yrs - and filmed/edited as a hobby for family/friends for over 20yrs until VR came along. Persuaded by the same family/friends to set up the business, decided to give it a go and it has took off.

    We mainly do weddings but have done various filming for Clatterbridge Cancer Charity and some promotional work and this is an avenue we want to get into.

    Alan (& Karen):)
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  16. adam holland

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    Hi everyone,

    Im new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself to other north west businesses. My company is called Superior Safety Developments, we specialize in roller shutters, garage doors, steel doors, timber doors, aluminium doors, gates etc etc. We are a family run business based in Stockport and operate over the north west. A new venture we have decided to go on is portable appliance testing (PAT). From previous experience when dealing with PAT testers we want to offer a quality service and not just sticker items without carrying out full inspections. I hope to make some new business contacts from this forum and certain that i will.

    Thanks, Adam
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  17. johndunning

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    Hi everyone,

    Yet another newbie.

    My background is IT and covers everything from Web Design to full E-Commerce Solutions, Business Software advice, development, design and implementation and also iPhone and iPad apps

    My clients range from Banks and MOD to Music Shops and Mobile Beauticians.

    Businesses, particularly startups and small businesses pay way too much money on IT so perhaps I can help you reduce your startup costs.

    Based in the South Lakes.
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  18. NMDBooksandBiz

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    Hi all,

    I'm a self-employed bookkeeper living in Cleator, West Cumbria but moved here from the south. I have started my own practice this year and as it is quite secluded here in the fells thought this would be a good opportunity to meet more local business people.

    I look forward to interacting with you all.

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  19. *juliesmith*

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    ..I'm Julie.
    As a Business Development Consultant in the North West for Smart Training and Recruitment, I could be classed as one of those annoying individuals that calls/emails/visits your business offering fully funded training to you and your staff teams. You could be right, but without hearing us out, you'll never really know what you could be missing out on (and there's not many of us left that require no contribution!)
    Just joined today to explore UKBF further really and see if there was anybody out there that I may be able to assist, and visa versa of course. :)
    I look forward to speaking with you
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  20. tony84

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    Sadly im alright on the training front, but welcome to the site.
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