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  1. RachelCreative

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    I'm Rachel and i am a designer at a marketing agency in Cambridgeshire. I have recently started a new subsidiary company that specialises in Marketing and Design to SME's and businesses with a turnover of less than £250,000.
    I am interested to chat to anyone and I am happy to offer advice on all aspects of Marketing.

    Looking forward to chatting with you all soon hopefully.

    Rachel :)
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  2. Ren Stock

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    Hi there everyone.

    I'm Ren Stock. I have recently made the exciting move into commercial insurance by joining the team at Drayton Insurance Services in Norwich.

    I'm on here to network to trade advice and knowledge.
    I also would like to speak to individuals more established in the commercial insurance broking sector to help improve myself.

    Hope to start talking to everyone real soon.
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  3. avecSys

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    Hi All,

    My name is Sam and I am networking on this site for my company avecSys. We are a Bedfordshire based IT solutions company and we deal with ALL things IT. We like to help small to medium sized businesses with the daily running of their companies. We provide numerous IT solutions from kitting out new businesses with IT related products, IT support, phone support, server support, disaster recovery, website design, web hosting etc.... As I said ''ALL things IT!''

    Hope to talk and help people in the future

    Sam Allen

    Technical Advisor and Sales Associate

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  4. JonathanMorse

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    Hi All,

    My name is Jon and I work for Resilient plc. We specialise in voice continuity services (we make sure that your business calls can reach you no matter what the scenario/ where you are in the World). We are a partner of BT and in particular BT smartnumbers.

    We are also working on an app that will open up the world of BYOD. In particular 2numbers1phone.


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  5. GenusLeasing

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    Hello All

    I am Alan Beckett, a founding director of Genus Vehicle Solutions in Bury St Edmunds. We operate under the name of and can offer advice and figures for all your vehicle requirements. We are more than just a Vehicle Finance Broker as we look after the entire process from advice to quoting, ordering and delivering your next vehicle whether it is a personal or a business requirement.
    The facilities that we offer include: Contract Hire, Leasing, Hire Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase, Personal Contract Hire, New Cars, Used Cars, Vans and Commercials.

    We provide affordable funding and supply solutions for all your vehicles
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  6. Funding for Communities

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    Hi all,

    We are a new Company formed to provide an easier way for small businesses to raise cash and help a local cause chosen by them.

    I look forward to many interesting discussions and with over 30 years experience of running small companies offering the odd bit of advice.

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  7. eagfc

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    Hi my name is Lauren and I have started a friendship club for the older people in my village and local area. Its an attempt to get some of them out, provide a support network in case they are ever ill, need help, go into hospital, at the club we want to provide a hot meal as well as refreshments.. A big thank you to our local pub for lending us their back room for free and providing the food at cost. A big thank you to a local man for donating £500 to get us started, incerdibly generous. This will certainly pay for some hot dinners!

    I have put together a calendar of 'times gone by' of Eight Ash Green, Colchester for £10 if anyone wants to buy one. All proceeds go to funding the club.

    We need equipment, arts & craft materials, a bingo machine, 10 laptops, stationary and a mini bus and that's just for starters lol

    To become a registered charity we need to raise £5,000 - donations gladly accepted lol. So far I have raised £700. My goal is to raise enough funds to buy a mini bus and that really is just for starters.

    Part of the project is to protect the old folk from being scammed so a magazine is in the
    pipeline and planned to launch in December 2015 - we're looking for support from local business to advertise and to run a short piece about themselves which will become part of our stay safe with business campaign. The magazine is set for an initial run of 2500 copies to be delivered to locally in Eight Ash Green & Fordham. People are more comfortable buying products & services from people they know. We want local businesses to become more friendly & we hope this will inspire trust from the local people to buy local.

    We are doing all this because older people are vulnerable. With more and more older people staying at home and their families busier than ever and money being tight for some families, older people suffer, they become lonely, suffer from depression and in many cases don't eat properly.

    We are all going to get old and if nothing is done, there is nothing to look forward to.

    i will gladly accept any offers of help, advice, ideas in general and for fundraising and of course donations! Maybe even a couple of businesses could sponsor us? In return we will put your logo in our monthly newlsetters, website, twitter etc. .

    The council currently run a Monday Shopper bus for our older people to get to Sainsburys & back - it is a door to door pickup. They plan to scrap this to save funds. The bus is well used and always full. So, I want our village to get it's own minibus. I have a big target on my hands but with as many people helping as possible it will lighten the load!

    If Children in Need can raise millions in one night, we surely can raise at least £30,000 for a new, adapted mini bus.

    Thanks for reading & I hope I will learn alot from here, to help me increase the awareness of my cause and I hope in turn we can help support local business
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  8. Edith@TerraNetwork

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    Hello forum!

    I'm Edith from TerraNetwork UK Web Hosting located in Wroxham in the Norfolk Broads. My company specialises in offering web hosting to professionals and eCommerce sites since 2005.

    I'm happy to answer queries about hosting, open source solutions and security. Hoping to connect with other business owners from the East!

    Best wishes,
    Edith @ TerraNetwork UK Web Hosting
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  9. Becca_LovewellBlake

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    I hope no-one minds me resurrecting this post - My name is Becca, I work for Lovewell Blake, a firm of accountants, business advisers and financial planners here in East Anglia. We have offices in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. I work in the marketing team looking after all things digital - hence posting here!

    I'm hoping we will be able to share useful information and events for local businesses and be a part of this online community as much as we are part of our physical communities.

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  10. Edith@TerraNetwork

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    Hi Becca,

    Welcome! I'm in Wroxham so not too far from you :)

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  11. Becca_LovewellBlake

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    Hi Edith, thanks for the welcome! I love to visit Wroxham.
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  12. Edith@TerraNetwork

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    Now is a good time - it's a bit quieter now, summer is mental here! If you want to rent a boat, spring / early summer is best, during summer it's like the M25 out there. Albeit a very very pretty M25 :)
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  13. Liquid11

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    Hi all,

    My name is Chris and I represent Liquid 11. We are a telecommunications company based in Lowestoft, but our technical office is based in Norwich (a 2-min walk from the train station).

    We’re doing quite a lot in the company. Our main product is called SwitchboardFREE – we offer virtual numbers to SMEs, calls to which can be diverted to up to 5 extensions.

    We also have a live telephone answering service – Pocket Receptionist, as well as a free conference call service, called Con-Flab.

    We’ve been involved with some data cleansing products, such as landline verification, HLR lookup, email validation, etc., under the name of Data Soap.

    Regards to everyone :)
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  14. Richard Patey

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    Hi everyone I'm based in Norwich and build and sell income generating websites as well as support norfolk startups to dominate organic search
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  15. The Property Ltd

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    Hi. I'm John Keith from Wisbech, North Cambs. I'm director of The Property Ltd, a property sourcing service for investors. Combining my property training with over 40 years of practical experience in the building trade gives me a distinct advantage over other property sourcers / deal packagers. Registered with The Property Redress Service, The Property Ltd typically finds investment properties around the country, mostly 4-bedroomed mult-lets which generates single-room rentals x 4. The reason for multi-let strategies is that the rents can create a very attractive cash-flow whilst avoiding the added expenses and legislation of HMO's. Net returns of 20% are quite possible, which includes the typical £3000 sourcing / finders fee. I personally inspect each property and carry out my own due diligence. As a compliant deal sourcer I work under the 1979 Estate Agents regulations including anti-money laundering supervision. This means that all investors will need to show identification and proof of funds prior to completing and agreement. I'd be happy to talk with any interested investors / potential investors, or to attend any networking events whether property related or not.
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