C'Mon Scotland

Discussion in 'Scotland' started by fergz04, May 21, 2008.

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  1. fergz04

    fergz04 UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Just thought i would post a wee comment because i am from scotland and PROUD of it, its a great place to live and loads of things to do:).

    C'Mon Scotland
    Posted: May 21, 2008 By: fergz04 Member since: Nov 18, 2004
  2. Dizzydiza

    Dizzydiza UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Awww very sweet...but I think I agree..it is a nice place to live....although half Italian half Polish I have lived here all my life and I dont think I would like to live anywhere else. But saying that one of my favourite places to visit besides Italy....is England and in particular Cornwall and Devon :)
    Posted: May 21, 2008 By: Dizzydiza Member since: Apr 29, 2006
  3. mickyboy73

    mickyboy73 UKBF Contributor Free Member

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    Hmm... I moved up to this great place from England 8 months ago and I can say with my hand on my heart that this is a much nicer place to be. I just wish I'd of moved here sooner.

    Everything is just so much more relaxed in everyday life and I like that a lot.
    Posted: Jun 2, 2008 By: mickyboy73 Member since: Jun 2, 2008
  4. scorpio

    scorpio UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Ditto:D i love it here.
    Posted: Jun 5, 2008 By: scorpio Member since: Jul 21, 2007
  5. strawb

    strawb UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Yip i totally agree
    Posted: Aug 7, 2008 By: strawb Member since: Aug 7, 2008
  6. strawb

    strawb UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    I love being in scotland too. I love the snow and good frost morning to waken me up in the morning
    Posted: Aug 7, 2008 By: strawb Member since: Aug 7, 2008
  7. saracen

    saracen UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    And the rain, wind, hail etc etc........

    BUT - i wouldnt live anywhere else. Scottish born and bred.

    Got to laugh when people from over the border say " im quarter scottish"
    You dont hear anyone in scotland saying " im quarter/half english" lol

    Simon Cowell for example, he started saying he was quarter scottish, then upped it to half, then 3 quarters. :rolleyes:

    Seriously tho, i just messing, Scotland is a beautiful place to live and visit.

    PS ..........

    O flower of Scotland
    When will we see
    Your like again
    That fought and died for
    Your wee bit hill and glen
    And stood against him
    Proud Edward's army
    And sent him homeward
    Tae think again

    Posted: Aug 15, 2008 By: saracen Member since: Oct 7, 2007
  8. YoRock!

    YoRock! UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    Hi all ... I'm another one :p
    Posted: Aug 15, 2008 By: YoRock! Member since: Jul 30, 2008
  9. KidsBeeHappy

    KidsBeeHappy UKBF Newcomer Full Member

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    Just so as everyone's aware that even perfect, lovely Scotland does have it's drawbacks.;)
    Posted: Aug 15, 2008 By: KidsBeeHappy Member since: Oct 9, 2007
  10. Moneyman

    Moneyman UKBF Legend Free Member

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    I am a Scot but cant say i love the whole lot. I get so p~**ed off with this "Oh Scotland is the most fantastic place on the map" "we are the greatest" everything wrong is someone else's fault" etc. The endless idolizing of a bunch of people in the past who were only a small minority of the population. I am appalled by the lack of historical education and most Scottish were not on the side of "the Scots" in most battles. Most clans like mine were on both sides at the same time and even Robert the Bruce changed sides a couple of times.
    Some of the papers are so devoted to a small island and never look over the fence. North Korea has the same sort of papers and everyone thinks it is great. The problem is if a country spends all its time saying how great it is at everything it never gets a chance to improve. It also has the worst politicians in Europe a completely back wards looking shower that play to the gallery and never do anything properly. Do some business near Edinburgh and see how many political people have their hand out.

    I am Scottish but also British. Scotland has a chance of being great but deluding itself doesn't help. Things are good but not perfect and having a peep over the fence to see how other people do things might be an idea before saying this is the best way. Hey isnt Gordon Brown one of us? Doesnt that make you proud?
    Posted: Aug 21, 2008 By: Moneyman Member since: May 3, 2008
  11. lewisuk

    lewisuk UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    I've been here for the best part of a decade now and for good reason too- but living in Edinburgh is pretty much like living in England in many respects, I think I went for a year or two before hearing a proper thick Edinburgh accent!
    Wales has the right attitude I think, they're very competitive with the rest of the UK (immediate neighbours especially!) but they'll get behind England or Scotland if they're up against foreign adversaries (talking sport more than anything). The rivalry up here can be a lot more vicious and that much hatred doesn't do anyone any good!
    Posted: Aug 23, 2008 By: lewisuk Member since: Feb 12, 2008
  12. KidsBeeHappy

    KidsBeeHappy UKBF Newcomer Full Member

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    That's because Endinburgh has, i think, the UK's highest number of private schools, and the first thing that they do, is drum the scottish accent out of the kids! :rolleyes:
    Posted: Aug 23, 2008 By: KidsBeeHappy Member since: Oct 9, 2007
  13. Moneyman

    Moneyman UKBF Legend Free Member

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    Well they do want their children to succeed and sounding like a cast member from trainspotting doesnt help.

    try saying procurator fiscal without a scottish accent. The UK has been run by scots for the last ten years and it does not make me proud.
    Posted: Aug 25, 2008 By: Moneyman Member since: May 3, 2008

    XSAILER UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    I have to say I completely disagree with you.
    You have turned a discussion about what a great place we live in, into a party political whinge.

    So, now that you have....... I think the current administration at Holyrood have injected a fantastic feeling of "anything's possible" into life in Scotland. Contrary to your view that Scots don't look over the fence, the SNP are continually referring to how things are done better in other countries, and looking for good models to consider - whether that be in school meals, sale of alcohol, business rates & corporation tax, oil funds, health or a myriad others.

    You say the papers are inward looking - only to the point where they slavishly copy every Labour party press release and print it as fact - the Scottish press are a national disgrace, but because of their political bias and their need to look outside our borders (to London Labour) to form their opinion, and colour every article red.

    You accuse Scots politicians of being backward looking -when they are currently making changes that already have made very positive changes to my business in Edinburgh, and have plans that will have enormous positive effects to the future of our country.

    Your sweeping negative generalisations are symptomatic of someone who hates the thought of change. I'm an Edinburgh business of 20 years that has NEVER had any politician with "his hand out". What are you on about?

    Let's get positive, and let's change our futures together. Let's make the best of what we have, instead of moaning about what we don't, and if there are parts of our society that are crap, let's do something about it.

    Scotland is a fantastic place to live and do business, and I hope we all take the chance to build our economy to be truly world class.
    Posted: Aug 27, 2008 By: XSAILER Member since: Nov 1, 2007
  15. adventurelife

    adventurelife UKBF Ace Full Member

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    You make many good points and I agree with them.

    Having said that I do still think we are in the minority as there are still a lot of inward looking negative gits in Scotland. I am sure there are everywhere.

    I do feel the winds of change blowing though and the new lot are without doubt making a better job of it that the last lot and are coming out with some positive direction.

    I am lucky that I have lived abroad and I came back here to educate the kids. I will leave again when they have flown the nest but I will always keep a home here and return on a regular basis.

    I suspect Scotland is going to be a very different place in 10 years time and about time too.
    Posted: Aug 28, 2008 By: adventurelife Member since: Dec 2, 2007
  16. Interconnect IT

    Interconnect IT UKBF Ace Free Member

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    Scotland's great... beautiful places, incredible people, but if you become a political pawn you'll be goosed - like Liverpool was in the 80's when it became the battleground of the Militant Left vs Thatcher. Not that the leader of the Militant Left was a socialist of any sort - Hatton was actually a self promoting millionaire.

    So - beware the politicians when they seek added powers - it's for them to enjoy, rather than to bring any significant benefit to Scots.

    And I still haven't visited the Highlands... must get round to it sooner rather than later :)
    Posted: Aug 29, 2008 By: Interconnect IT Member since: Nov 15, 2007
  17. stugster

    stugster UKBF Legend Full Member

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    Are you on the Scottish Business Forums yet though? :)

    I'll get my coat :p
    Posted: Aug 30, 2008 By: stugster Member since: Feb 1, 2007
  18. Brian McIntosh

    Brian McIntosh UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    And remember to add the "s" to the end of fourmS.

    Stu, my coat's on, I'm right behind you.
    Posted: Aug 30, 2008 By: Brian McIntosh Member since: Jun 6, 2007
  19. stugster

    stugster UKBF Legend Full Member

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    Ah yes, if you fail to add an S, you'll end up speaking to a ...... actually, never mind, it's not appropriate :p
    Posted: Aug 30, 2008 By: stugster Member since: Feb 1, 2007
  20. Brian McIntosh

    Brian McIntosh UKBF Newcomer Free Member

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    HA...if you fails to add the "S", you'll end up...talking to yourself.:D
    Posted: Aug 30, 2008 By: Brian McIntosh Member since: Jun 6, 2007
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