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    Thank you for a great post! But the question is really rhetorical if we talk about solutions for Amazon sellers. The software or solution usually fit only to the current moment in time. I'm a newborn Amazon seller (It's my first year) and I spent tons of time to research software for FBA sellers because I don't like to pay twice. In many cases when you use two software solution - some features could be in both. Most important is to find a comprehensive directory where you can find most actual products (not a bunch of dead links).
    From my experience, if you want to read some quality review - welcome to Jordi Ordóñez website. It's a deep analytic product review. But if you need to find the right product in the ocean of e-commerce websites you'll need FBA Catalog - on the website listed hundreds of software tools for Amazon sellers. If any Amazon sellers here - please advise the better directories on your opinion.
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    A very well written and informative piece for any business or would-be merchant currently looking to choose the right eCommerce software for them.
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    I think the best advice is to start small with the solution that is user friendly straight off the bat but also has the flexibility to be scaled as and when you're ready
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    got a lot of information. For this Shopify is my best choice. It features and other things are just awesome.
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