Choosing an ecommerce solution

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  1. TheoNe

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    A very well written and informative piece for any business or would-be merchant currently looking to choose the right eCommerce software for them.
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  2. Paulo1Chop

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    I think the best advice is to start small with the solution that is user friendly straight off the bat but also has the flexibility to be scaled as and when you're ready
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    Following on from the original post back in 2014 now, just this week, I put together an article over at LinkedIn that lists the current eCommerce software and platforms available today with a bit of information about each (the main ones for now but I do plan to continue adding, extending and updating the article).

    It should prove useful to any businesses looking to venture into eCommerce and set up an eCommerce website, especially perhaps for those less web-savvy business owners where it can often prove a minefield with the various recommendations, platforms, hosting types, pricing models, supported/maintained/services ones etc etc.

    Anyway, hope it's of some use to anyone that stumbles across this thread looking for advice.
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  4. fisicx

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    "Effortless microsites for Amazon Sellers" - Not really a replacement for Shopify.
    Posted: Jul 25, 2019 By: fisicx Member since: Sep 12, 2006
  5. Elle Rish

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    We've been using WordPress for quite long already, as well as Easy Digital Downloads. Works fine on our end. Definitely one of the best eCommerce platform out there!
    Posted: Aug 5, 2019 By: Elle Rish Member since: Aug 2, 2019
  6. fisicx

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    EDD is not an eCommerce platform. It's a plugin for digital products - no use at all for anything else.
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  7. crackerjackcommerce

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    What about wordpress and woocommerce as a solution, what that fall under the Pre-built solution category?
    Posted: Aug 5, 2019 By: crackerjackcommerce Member since: Aug 1, 2019
  8. Karol B

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    I've been using Prestashop for a number of years. However, once business grows, one should think about self-hosted Magento, for example, in order to have full control over the platform.
    Have in mind companies like IONOS previously known as 1and1 lure you with a cheap hosting offer. Once your business grows, and it's difficult to transfer store somewhere else, they continuously increasing prices.
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  9. antropy

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    Even if money is tight at the start, really do try to avoid cheap hosting. The level of customer service is never very good and when things go wrong they never seem to be on hand. Pay more for a better service! Alex
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  11. Karol B

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    Agree with you totally. This is what i did with my new web services, we pay more but in case of any technical problems there is someone to answer the phone and find quick solution.
    Posted: Aug 30, 2019 By: Karol B Member since: Aug 24, 2019
  12. mekondelta

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    Shopify is a hassle free solution but there are subscription costs and the plugin costs will add up if your business takes off. Often less than development costs but it all depends. You will be limited on customisations although the customisations available are extensive.
    Woocommerce is an excellent Wordpress solution and has pretty much what you need to run a basic ecommerce solution. If you are a bit web savvy then its a good choice. The options such as Drupal Commerce, Magento will generally require developers but they are powerful. Same with prestashop, which I have no experience with but I hear good things about. alot of them, at a basic level are pretty comparable, for what they can do out of the box. ecommerce is a big area and it depends on what you are wanting to sell and how you are wanting to sell it. Things get complicated when you want people to be able to pay by deposit, provide details. Scope what you need and compare. Also payment gateways and PCI compliance should be factored in which makes shopify the least likely to give you headaches.
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  13. mekondelta

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    Make sure your hosting is PCI compliant. I build systems on AWS but for low cost solutions, Siteground is the hosting company that I would recommend for cost and technical support. Especially the technical support which is superb.
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  14. SpridaZack

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    In all honestly, I have found no better out of the box solution than Shopify. It's taken a huge chuck of the market share in the eCommerce platform industry and it is growing.

    From the modern designs to the easy to use admin controls, I haven't found anything that even gets close without serious customisations in platforms like Magento or Joomla.
    Posted: Sep 13, 2019 By: SpridaZack Member since: Sep 13, 2019
  15. Matthew Bennett

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    This is very timely. I've been running a NopCommerce ASP.Net e-commerce site for 6 years now. I found it to be big and bulky, also the database filled with guest accounts and needed to be repeatedly cleaned. Daily automated maintenance wasn't able to keep up.

    I've this month re-created the site in WooCommerce on WordPress. The file size of the database and files has shrunk from over 2GB to 150MB - a superb saving which will bring my hosting bill down tremendously.

    The plugins for WordPress appear to be more stable now and just work. I have to admit that I'm sold.

    Best regards,

    Matthew Bennett
    Posted: Oct 9, 2019 By: Matthew Bennett Member since: Oct 9, 2019
  16. obscure

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    +1 I use them to host my website. They are excellent.
    Posted: Oct 9, 2019 By: obscure Member since: Jan 18, 2008
  17. Instamixes

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    Very useful information, thanks for sharing. I think choosing the right platform is one's choice. It depends on one's business type, niche or modal.
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  18. Nick Garnett

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    My view is that in order to get all the benefits of an eCommerce platform (hosted) with a self-hosted solution is going to cost considerably more, and it's not going to be fast, or as reliable. I've put together many a Wordpress/Woocommerce site and they've always been a complete nightmare. Technical issues abound like when you install that plugin and get the death screen of code and not your much-loved website. It's the same with Joomla unless your a tech aficionado it's always tough. Magento is great but is now owned by Adobe and they charge accordingly.
    My advice is when you're starting out use BigCommerce or Shopify, and when turnover gets to £100k plus build a Magento site and host on a really fast server.
    Posted: Oct 31, 2019 By: Nick Garnett Member since: Oct 31, 2019
  19. fisicx

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    Never had that happen. Ever.
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  20. TonyJJ

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    I've recently set up my ecommerce store on Shopify, pretty solid overall. Don't need any coding experience to design a professionally-looking store. It allows me to focus on marketing products and customer service etc
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