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    It's open source and right there on github.

    Let me guess, the depth of your "research" included clicking once, browsing, then deciding you could do better?

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    I've only ever used shopify but have a friend who has a woocommerce agency who argues well about self-hosted
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    We went bespoke... but redevelopment is just as expensive as building again... as no one fully understands the code... employees move on. :-( We tried off the shelf, but you just sell the same way as everybody else, which is a problem, then there is the back end... the bespoke development pretty much runs the company, and does so in a way that makes us unique. There is nothing out there which does really does what we want. Existing solutions all want to force us to work the way they want. They get their hooks into you, then sell out, or upgrade the software, leaving all your add-on bells and whistles broken.

    Our dream is to slowly move databases to googles cloud, and develop a basic back end in-house using googles database tools. Then give the website developer the task of creating the front end, with data moving back and forth between the cloud and their front end.
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    There are ample platforms, many website development tools to make you through to bringing to life your working web address. It depends on a number of factors overall as aptly described above. Many choices to make from start to end in this entire process of making websites!
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    I used OpenCart 10+ years ago, the demo looks the exact same as it did back then.

    I am surprised it is still around.

    Don't get me wrong, your website is pretty bad, not sure what is worse, your website or OpenCart.
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    Magento, Shopify, and Symfony are the top 3 e-commerce platforms that are widely used by eCommerce web development companies for the development of ecommerce web applications!

    Amazon sites run on AWS platforms which they "own" and had created.

    Flipkart (India based ecommerce website), Myntra and Jabong aren't using any of the ecommerce platform available there like woocommerce, shopify, symfony and magento.

    But the technologies they use are,

    Server: Flipkart uses nginx, whereas Myntra and Jabong use Apache

    Frontend: Their mobile site is a progressive web app (PWA are websites that look like a mobile app), which is mainly built using the front end languages like HTML5, CSS and JQuery and frameworks like polymer and MDL.

    Backend: Most of these eCommerce sites started with PHP and MySQL, but slowly migrated their high traffic API's to Node.JS and MongoDB.

    So the conclusion in the nutshell is that it is not about the eCommerce platform that makes the difference! It is the utility science, and user experience that counts! Even if you are desparate to know about the most widely used platform then I have already mentioned you the names of the same - Magento, Shopify, and Symfony!
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    After 7+ years working in ecommerce system, I've worked with OpenCart, PrestaShop, WooEcommerce and now Shopify. Honest to say Shopify is my best option now when I need to consultant the solution for my clients. It is stable, fast and easy for development, maintain.
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    Thi sthread was started in 2014 and after 387 responses - dont we all think perhaps this thread is past it's usefulness ?

    Times have moved on since 2014, nowadays people have their shops builtin to facebook, instagram posts, and numerous other sites at the same. ecwids is the #1 FB ecommerce app - closely followed by shopify. Buyer intent has also changed etc .

    So maybe we should leave this thread as it is - and use other threads that are a bit more detailed and specific - perhaps ?
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    Shopify is the one I'd recommend for most businesses.
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    This is a very good publication. You have categorized things perfectly. What is good is definitely an answer that depends on the situation. It depends on how many products and categories you need to maintain. According to my experience for hundreds of products, Magneto is a very good option. For larger websites, they should opt for a more personalized option and consult a technical person.
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    Good informational content. thanks for sharing.
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  13. Aleksander_Gramm

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    It is difficult question because so many men, so many minds. Usually the choice depends on needs, experience, knowledge and budget. And in huge cases peopletend to make the wrong choices.
    Why? There is a lack of information, a lack of experience, a lack of time.
    My choice is Magento 2 and Shopify.
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    Yup, it took me ages to go through all the messages and was a bit of a read TBH. TBH am a bit surprised that this post hasn't been locked yet. Its too much of a read to get any useful information from it. As you said perhaps a new thread that's current would help those looking to get this question answered as it still pops up time and time again.

    I guess the prime question is what are you trying to achieve? Is it to setup a quick ecommerce store that easy to setup and run? Then Shopify is probably your best bet. The simple integrations with FB and G ads makes it a no brainer really.

    Looking for a long term choice? then Magento is definitely the way to go. Unlike any other ecommerce platform its multi store feature is one that makes it the No1 go too solution.

    Love Magento but Magento 2 doesn't quite hit the mark yet. Quite a few benchmarks put it slower than Magento 1 and if you are thinking of migrating to 2 then its not straight forward. Pretty complicated to get it right for existing users of version 1.x.x and for the small business owner its who is on v1.x.x. then the migration is simply not feasible. Yes they could initially have used a different solution and then move over too Magento 2 later BUT which business would want to have double the cost?
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  15. Aleksander_Gramm

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    Magento 2 is solution for large stores and big money.
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    I totally agree.
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    Honestly, I think Magento 2 is better regarding the usability of admin and default features. Yeah, it is not the fastest solution, but I think among other similar platforms it is the best option. For sure this is not a good option for the beginners and small businesses, however, if you want to grow your store, it has a lot of benefits, plus big community support and lots of innovative solutions.
    As for the small shops, I think basic Shopify or WooCommerce or even Squarespace will be a better option.
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  18. Aleksander_Gramm

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    If you have adequate budget, you can use Magento 2. But, if your business fail, you will lose big money. So, if you win, it will double win, because you can scale and improve your e-store whithout problem (LOL, of couse not).
    In the other hand, if you choose Shopify and to win, you can't scale up the e-store.

    Unfortunately perfect things live in the perfect world.
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    Yup 100% agree with you there. Its definitely faster on the admin end. Looks better with the new GUI too. Not much has changed on the front-end though. Granted there have been some big changes to the back-end code which now solves a lot of plugin/module compatibility issues BUT I still prefer v1.

    There is simply not enough of an impact in v2 that's makes it worthwhile to migrate an existing running v1 shop to v2.

    We deploy new site on v2 as it just makes sense but existing shops.. nope. Keep them where they are and optimise the hell out of them!

    I think Magento is a good option for small businesses. It will allow them to grow when they need to. the problem with these newer ecommerce solutions like Shopify (yes its not that new) is when you want to grow your stuck! then trying to migrate to another solution is damn near impossible. A small business will need to weigh up the pros and cons very carefully if they plan on running an ecommerce business long term s to which solution they should choose. My recommendation 99.99% of the time is Magento more often than not simply because of the multi store functionality.
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    I generally suggest eCommerce platform according to client's requirement. I want my customer to grow so always recommend the best platform.
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