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  1. Steve WebStudio

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    The best ecommerce platform is the one that does most of the things you want, and offers the the easiest (and reliable) way to do it. Choice also matters at what stage the business is at, current sales volume and expected growth.

    I personally prefer woocommerce for wordpress for most of the work we do, some of the reason is knowing how it works and how to do big things quickly (imports, updating in bulk etc). Some people wont like woocommerce, for some it wont do the job required, but for most webshops it will do the job more than just fine, and there are plenty of addons to get the functionality required.

    I have found other ecommece systems like magento, prestashop, opencart to be not very user freindly and fall down on many aspects of theme customisation, also the addons seem to be rather expensive so if you need customisation the cost goes up considerably.
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  2. Steve WebStudio

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    I remember actinic from years ago! I I think they hit the nail on the head by having a PC based system to update the shop, made it simple for people to get started.

    I think Wordpress/woocommerce is probably the best value (bang for buk) option as you only need to pay for webhosting, you can even get third party software that will run on your PC so you can manage the shop (in some ways) alot easier than the web interface (you can do this for other cart systems too). But value for money wise you cant go wrong with woocommerce.
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  3. Mark_Taylor_

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    You can go open source with things like wordpress / woocommerce and Magento where all you need is the hosting fee which of course can vary greatly. Wordpress sites can get away with cheaper hosting (typically) whereas Magento is a much more advanced platform but really benefits (in terms of page load speed etc) from a fairly decent server and host with magento expertise.
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  4. Scottishgifts4u

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    I got into Actinic because I saw a CD stuck to one of the PC magazines of the day offering a free trial of a maximum of 20 products!
    Those were the days when Actinic was actively looking for growth, now for anybody who knows them they have priced themselves out the market for newcomers.
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    totally agree with article
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  6. Petr Gogolin

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    Custom solutions are for a very small number of clinet from our experience. Unless you have very large sum of money it generally doesn't make sense.

    One more thing we are asking our clients to consider is what are their plans with the business in long-term. If they plan to keep it, sell it, grow it or keep stable. That too should go into consideration when choosing the right solution.
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  7. Alex Watkin

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    Agree with above comments, very insightful :)
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  8. Elisa Falkenrath

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    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My name is Elisa Falkenrath and I’m a Business Administration student at Berlin Humboldt University.
    I'm doing a research about 'UK e-commerce market'. I'd like to ask you a few questions about your experiences. It will only take 2 minutes, and your answers will help me to create statistical data.

    Your company name and information will be kept confidential.

    1)What is your Product Category?
    2)Where do you sell your products? (Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc.)
    3)About how many product do you sell per day?
    4)While performing your business what kind of problems do you encounter? (Inventory Management, Shipping Management, Multi-channel Management, Advertising, Price Tracking etc.)
    5)How do you follow your products and sales (employees or e-commerce solution software/s)
    6)According to your experiences, what kind of improvement do you need in terms of increasing your sales?(optinal)

    I would be grateful if you could help me.
    I appreciate your time and thank you for the support.

    Best Regards,

    Elisa Falkenrath
    Humboldt University
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  9. zigojacko

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    Set up a Google Form and then share the link to it in a new post / other UK eCommerce forums with a brief explanation of your study/research.

    Hardly anyone will respond in the way you're asking like this...
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  10. Elisa Falkenrath

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    Actually I set up a Google Form but it is not allowed to post any links before I wrote 30 comments on this site. If anyone is interested in, I can send survey link via messages.
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  11. kanavsingh

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    Thanks for the post.. worth reading
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  12. HolmesM

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    I have used both BigCommerce and Shopify .... I'd have to go with Shopify just because of the sheer number of apps that are available.
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  13. Vigilion

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    I too would vouch for Shopify, their templating engine is easy to customise.
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  14. webmto

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    Long term business is NOT compatible with open source e-commerce solutions. I've seen this happen for a long time, sometimes ending in business failure.
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  15. kanavsingh

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    Now a days shopify ecommerce platform is trending. Wordpress is also a popular interface where you can add plugins based on your requirements
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  16. bgnovuc

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    I agree, Shopify is better these days I think.
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  17. webmto

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    You will need control on your e-commerce, shop website. Wix, Shoppify, ebay, amazon is just for listing your products. Try it, you will see the results and you'll came back to my words.
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  18. Tony Tomlinson

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    I have entered a variety of markets with ecommerce websites, what I would advise is if you are looking for an almost immediate start and a cost effective solution then shopify is a great product to get you going, starts at around £20.00 per month and has merchant facilities built in so its a good way to start and start quick.

    Once built up I would look at switching to Magento where you can have an all bells and whistles website.
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  19. webmto

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    That's and option.
    Another one is to start your own shop (~ £100.00) , full control and tones of good think for your sales.
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  20. Coari

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    I work with woocommerce and prestashop mainly. These two can't even be compared.
    I understand you opinion is based on the fact that you don't have enough knowledge to manage/modify more complex solutions like prestashop for example.
    Presta is very easy to use and fairly easy to modify if you are a developer.
    It is not possible to have software which is very easy to use and modify and at the same time packed with functionalities.
    The main reason people choose wocommerce is because they don't have budget for better solution.
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