Chinese Phone Makers React to Strong Demand for 4G Phones

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    Chinavasion wholesale limited reports a growing demand for 4G phones that are ready for faster Internet browsing speed. While big brands have been offering 4G cell phones at premium prices, Chinese manufacturers are catching up with affordable price tags.

    The tech community of early innovators has been gearing up for 4G over the past few years now, all the early indicators suggest cellular download speeds of over 400mbps will be available in the not too distant future.

    For customers to access these networks, they need to have an Android smart phone capable of supporting the new 4G bandwidths. As the popularity of 4G steadily grows, China based manufacturers are slowly launching phone models with 4G capabilities.

    PR Manager at Chinavasion Ms. Rose Li said, “Chinavasion sells 4G Android mobile phones starting from as little as $100 all the way up to $400 for state of the art devices, which can rival and even out shine many of the latest big brand phones."

    Ms Li. added, “When these are compared against established high street branded phones that typically retail at high prices there are significant savings to be made by purchasing from the manufacturers.”

    Mobile wireless service providers spent millions when bidding for the 4G bandwidths and are heavily invested in the new technology. Rose Li says, “This has resulted in many providers becoming eager to recuperate those costs from the customers so they don't always offer competitive deals for phones and services.”

    Rose Li states that “Many customers can now acquire a 4G smart phone at lower prices and use this to their advantage when looking for and negotiating cell phone plans as they have a wider range of suppliers to choose from.”

    There could also be other benefits of buying and owning a Chinese 4G phone. According to Chinavasion purchasing a Chinese 4G ready phone directly can have major benefits. Customers are not committed long-term contracts and thus will not face high early termination fees for changing providers. Moreover, Ms. Li says, "Customers who travel out of state or to another country can use a pay as you go SIM to avoid astronomical roaming fees that are often hidden in contracts.”
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