Chinavasion Launches New Windows Mini PC; The Next Generation of Computing

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    Ms. Rose Li, PR Manager at Chinavasion, says that "Chinese manufacturers are now taking advantage of cheaper production costs and the availability of affordable powerful processors to make high end mini PCs able to compete with big name western brands."

    This new range of Windows mini PC shows how Chinese companies are no longer content in taking a back seat and are eager to drive innovation and compete at the higher levels in the personal computer market.
    Rose Li, said "This new line of powerful mini PCs is great news for consumers as it offers increased range and greater affordability that is sure to drive the market forward."

    Moors Law states that computer hardware doubles in performance approximately every two years and Intel processors show great advancement allowing for more powerful compact systems, at ever cheaper prices, than would be possible a few years ago.

    The latest of these systems is now available through China Wholesale Electronics Company Chinavasion and is the NGC-1. This micro computer uses an Intel Braswell Celeron Processor and has 4GB of RAM as well as 128GB of SDD storage making it one of the most powerful mini PCs from a Chinese manufacturer.

    The NGC-1 Windows mini PC has a metal case which offers ample heat dissipation allowing the device to run without a fan. "A fan-less operation makes for a very quiet system so as not to disturb or interrupt movie watching or gaming entertainment," declared Rose Li. "Additionally you have 4K support making this micro PC a real contender for peoples media hubs."

    Coming with a fully licensed version of Windows 10 professional, the NGC-1 Mini PC brings users all the functionality and production tools associated with Microsoft's software suites as well as good all round media compatibility.

    "This Windows 10 Mini PC makes an excellent home Media center and goes beyond what most Windows TV boxes has to offer," advised Ms. Li. It is cheaper than comparable laptops and undercuts many of the barebones computer systems from western brands while performing equally as well.

    With a long history of offering value for money Chinavasion offers the NGC-1 Mini Windows PC as well as TV Boxes at wholesale prices and with international express
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