Chinavasion Disrupts Outdoor & Sports Tech Market With 50% Lower Prices

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    China electronics wholesaler Chinavasion is seeing a growing trend towards outdoor sports gadgets orientated for recreational and professional use. They forecast large future growth in this sector and with factory direct sourcing of outdoor sports recreational products, and leaving out the middle men, they aim to offer 50% lower prices over 2015.

    With today's fast-paced busy lifestyles, it has become rarer for people to engage in outdoor sports and recreation. To make the most out of those activities, outdoor fanatics are turning to innovative new technologies and outdoor gadgets such as high tech underwater fishing cameras, energy efficient bike lights, environmentally friendly solar chargers, rideables, and pet training collars.

    After analyzing the current prices, we discovered that Chinavasion is able to offer these devices at less than half the prices compared to local stores.

    Cutting Out The Middle Men
    PR Manager at Chinavasion, Ms Rose Li says, “After analyzing the current prices, we discovered that Chinavasion is able to offer these devices at less than half the prices compared to local stores. Due to this 50% lower price and our forecast of large market growth we decided to launch new line of outdoors sports recreational products to allows our resellers to make a good profit ."

    According to the China electronics wholesaler, this is a classic example of how factory direct sourcing and worldwide shipping can cut out the margins of the middlemen including importing companies and local resellers.

    Ever Expanding Product Diversity
    Chinavasion is expecting a 200% increase in demand for outdoor gear over the next year. Li explains: “When people head outdoors these days they take with them more electronics than ever before, music players and flashlights are the obvious items, but there is a greater demand than ever for more specialist technology."

    Products such as outdoor bike lights, solar chargers, sports watches are currently taking the spot light, but change is brewing. “Looking at market trends, it also shows us that health monitors and outdoor watches with weather forecasting abilities are selling in higher numbers than before as well as a range of solar panels for powering everyday electronic devices,” says Li.

    But that is not all. The more professional outdoor hobbyist is turning to technology. “Sensor activated hunting game cameras and underwater fishing cameras are great examples that can help hunters and fishermen, saving them countless hours,” says Li. Likewise hill walkers and campers are using a new range of electronic gadgets to help them forecast the weather or make their campsite more comfortable with portable lighting and music solutions that are better than ever before.

    Rideables: A New Form Of Green transportation
    One product type that requires special attention are 'rideables'. "There is a rapidly growing market for innovative electric powered skateboards, uni-wheels and scooters that are becoming very popular among the younger generation,” Ms Li says. “It’s typically the younger generations who catch on to new technology like this. They are a great way to have fun and a very green way commute to work or school. A community is on the rise who meet up to practice, showing of tricks and stunts as well as sharing their ideas in much the way traditional skateboarders do," added Ms Li.

    With an increasing culture and demand for such devices, it is clear why Chinavasion is betting on this market. The China wholesale company focuses its future effort on constantly expanding the range of outdoor gear and accessories available at wholesale prices.
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