China Android Phone Manufacturers Enter Smartphone Market With Own Brands

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    Chinese manufacturers used to be satisfied by producing Smartphone’s for big brands such as Samsung, Apple and HTC. However, the current trend as seen in 2014 is that many producers are launching their own brands at a lower price, which Chinavasion is keen to capitalize on.

    The Smartphone industry used to be a gold mine for major phone brands, selling at high margins. However, Chinese Smartphone brands are entering the market and taking the established brands by surprise. As reported in a Computer World article, The rise of China’s Smartphone Makers published on the 05 Jan 2015, Strategy Analytics research indicates that 10 of the top 17 global Smartphone makers in the 3rd quarter of 2014 were based in China.

    Ms. Li, PR Manager at Chinavasion said, “Reports from Strategy Analytics published on the 29th of January show that around 1.3 billion Smartphone’s were shipped worldwide over 2014 and with Chinese manufacturers taking an ever increasing chunk of the Android Smartphone market, the competition is on.”

    The challenge for established brands will be to find ways to justify why it is charging the increasingly tech-savy customer more than similar Chinese branded phones. Even though software has always been an advantage, the steady improvements of the Android operating system are breaking down this competitive advantage.

    One major benefit of China Smartphone manufacturers is that they can rely on cost efficient distributors such as Chinavasion. China Wholesale Supplier Chinavasion has been selling Chinese manufactured devices including Chinese Android phones for some years.

    Ms Rose Li, says, “Chinavasion is ideally located to search out and offer the best deals. This is because the steadily expanding Chinese manufacturers, many of whom are based in Shenzhen, have the advantages of low cost, due to close proximity to the supply chain, and high demand from a developing local market. Being on their doorstep lets Chinavasion secure the best deals for our customers.”

    The vast majority of Westerners know very little about emerging Chinese handset makers, but none the less they are making inroads into the market share of Western manufacturers and according to Ms. Li, “Chinese branded phones are on the rise because they represent true value for money and with the bulk of devices focused on the sub US $200 space, they are rapidly gaining ground.”

    Rose Li went on to explain this phenomena further by saying that, “Many of the Chinese phones are very popular in emerging mobile markets due to a low price but as they also feature top end specifications they are now also starting to eat into the market share of better known brands in western markets.”

    Ms. Li says, “Price is only one advantage and many companies like SISWOO continue to prove that Chinese branded phones can now compete with western brands when it comes to performance. Many newer devices from emerging Chinese manufacturers perform just as well if not better on standard phone benchmark tests such as AnTuTu.”

    Two high-end devices that come from the relatively new SISWOO, which concentrate on performance, are the “Monster R8” and “Copper i7” models. Rose Li says, “When tested on the AnTuTu benchmark software the R8 and i7 phones from SISWOO scored over 46500 and 44000 respectively, this puts them in the same category as the HTC One and Samsung Note 4 when it comes to performance.” With the rise of such benchmark tests the industry is becoming more transparent for consumers. Established brands have a hard time convincing customers of the difference between their devices.

    With octa core processors designed on the newer 64 bit architecture and both featuring 4G connectivity, the Monster R8 and Copper i7 are priced at $299 and $199 respectively. Rose Li says, “It is phones like these that are helping to drive the popularity of Chinese Manufacturers who may be relatively unknown today, but are focused on becoming the new driving force of the market tomorrow.”

    With the global mobile phone market growing year on year at over 20% in 2014, Chinese manufacturers will no doubt be vying to gobble up a larger market share.

    Ms. Li states, “This continued and remarkable growth will allow Chinavasion to offer even better deals to its customers in 2015 with greater performing phones at increasingly affordable prices that can compete with major high street brands.”
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