Child Safety Online in Scotland

Discussion in 'Scotland' started by Kidshield, Jul 29, 2008.

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    Kidshield Europe is a little itsy-bitsy company based in Glasgow spreading our message throughout Europe on Child Safety online. So far in the past 12 months we've achieved great things in getting parents educated but I sometimes wonder why very few of our visitors come from Scotland? We've managed to crack a whole portion of England and Europe. If anyone has idea's I'd be glad to hear them.

    What we set out to achieve is get parents educated on the subject of online safety and then give them the tools to manage the job. Most kids know more about the internet than their parents ( I know in the late 80's I had to tune in the video recorder for my parents who had absolutely no clue on how to do it!).

    We've some great tools and eye-openers for parents who don't think that online safety is a concern for them and would be delighted to link up with any networking partners in Scotland who can see a link in with their businesses and customers.

    Please feel free to PM me.
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    Doesn't Glasgow have the lowest percentage of web access in the UK. at around 35% or something. And Scotland overall is lower than the UK average.

    You're Scots, I'm down the road in Ayrshire. I used to live in a very nice middle class village, thing is that there are only 12 lines for broadband for the whole village, and the postoffice, the forestry commission, and the laird take up around 1/2 of them. Doesn't leave a lot of access for the rest of the village families.

    This is a much bigger problem that people realise, yes, there are all these lovely stories about people sitting in bothys working away on their web businesses, but equally, there are a large number of families who just don't have broadband access.

    Maybe this explains why scottish visitors are so low.
    Maybe your sales geography fits in with the areas where there is higher than average broadband access.
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    The SPCA had a conference focusing on this very issue earlier in the year which looked interesting - though you probably already know about it. They may be worth contacting with a view to offering info sessions to parent groups?
    Posted: Aug 3, 2008 By: frockery Member since: Aug 15, 2007
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