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Discussion in 'International Business' started by Vix391, Nov 18, 2018.

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    I'm interested in starting a cash for clothes business selling used and nearly new clothes to countries outside of the UK and want to know if anyone currently does this type of business and if you have any advise?
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    Hi, Vix391, did you make any headway with this? I, too, am wanting to start a cash for clothes shop, I have the premises, and an understanding of how it works and of the figures involved, but am struggling to find someone who would buy from me?
    Any help would be gratefully received.

    I'm based North West England.

    Thank you
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    Never done it myself, but an old friend used to sell secondhand clothing on markets, when the Polish started coming in large numbers to the UK.

    He would arrive at 5am and there was always a que waiting for him, he sold clothing by black bags to the Polish, sometimes 5/10 at a time to each client, they then used to post them back to Poland.
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    Lots of buyers in the market, most goes to eastern Europe and Africa, but much depends on what you plan to pay for stock, what sorting you might do after buying and what sort of mark up you are looking for.

    We buy from a cash for clothes buyer in Teesside, he pays 50p per kilo and sends most of his summer stock to Africa and sells us his winter stock for 50p a kilo (mainly as he cant get rid of it anywhere else).

    We get occasional summer loads from providers in the South for 80p a kilo, but its hard to find suppliers who don't export as its where they make a better return.
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    This is really a fascinating idea, keep up the good work.
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