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    Hi all,

    I am designing a card game similar to Cards Against Humanity, I will be making it just different enough so as to hopefully not infringe on their IP. My main question is around the content of the game. Would I be able to use trademarked names in my questions or answers, such as a football team or player name, team nicknames or brand names?

    E.g. "That new Adidas Arsenal kit is _____", "Stoke City is such a _____ team" or "When _____ missed that penalty" with a separate answer cards of "John Terry" or "Aubameyang".

    I'm confused as to whether I'm breaching any rules because I'm simply using the names, I'm not claiming my product is an authentic Chelsea product, and I'm not using their name as the name of my product.

    Hope this makes sense, please advise!
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    It is perfectly acceptable to use a Trademark in a normal conversational manner. Many quizes and board games do (Question of Sport would be one example - tv show and board game).

    What you can't do is use them for the marketing of the game or give the trademark undue prominence. So if you have pictures of the cards used in the marketing of the game don't use ones that have Man United etc on.
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