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    Hello all

    I've just recently came across and didn't even know it was a thing to be honest.
    Detailing is like a valet but believe it or not, in more detail, tar removal, paint protection etc etc.

    Add you can imagine this takes alot longer than a quick soaping at your local hand wash, which comes at a price.

    People are paying it though, does anyone have any experience of this?

    I imagine it would be more the prestige makes of car that the owners are willing to pay for the service.

    Sounds like a good little number, but sure what to do through the winter though??
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  2. Maxwell83

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    Yes detailing has been a thing for decades, growing in popularity from day one. All car enthusiasts know of detailing - go to any car forum for any brand, they will have a detailing section.

    Its a huge market; hundreds of thousands of products for DIY, professional detailers are everywhere - fixed location & mobile. Even dealers are on the band wagon.

    I have seen Ford Fiesta's being detailed. It all comes down to the owner's enthusiasm as much as the value of the car.

    I've had cars professionally detailed and have a lot of DIY equipment and products.

    If you are asking what do I think as a business opportunity for someone who has literally just discovered that its even a thing - I'd say its not even worth considering.
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  3. Mark T Jones

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    Like any business; do it well (very well in this case!) and target the right people at the right price, then you can make it work
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  4. AllUpHere

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    I've had detailers as clients and also have a detailer doing my cars on a regular basis. What is it you want to know about the industry?
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  5. Mitch3473

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    Used to be called Valeting when I was at it in the 80's. Too much Americanisation but the right clients will pay. Know of one guy who bought a brand new vehicle and had ' his guy ' virtually strip the thing down and polish every last part. It's just extreme valeting.
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    I would agree with all Maxwell83 has said.
    I think the issue is amateur/hobby none professional detailers are fantastic at doing their own vehicles. It's unlikely the average Joe would pay more for detailing than they would for a valet, let alone know the difference. If you can find lots of rich lazy clients you may have a chance!
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  7. DavidWH

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    The lad who had the unit next door to us was a detailer... definitely, 100%, certainly not a valeter... call a detailer a valeter and watch them pop :D

    As said above, stripping brand new cars down, cotton buds, swabs, all manner of different coatings. Hours & days messing about with one car... in my opinion, the time and effort for the money charged, I'd rather walk dogs.

    That said he did some neglected classic cars once, and they really did look amazing.
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