Capital Investment and expenses

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    Good morning,

    Probably obv. and simple but will ask and feel free to shoot me down - I can take it :)

    Sole trader - selling products through marketplace platforms and some gardening is basis of business income. Currently not getting any revenue due to time of year and mainly currently isolating.

    Nothing owed to suppliers but not sitting on much monies but in need of ordering some new stock in ready for sales once I can commence again.

    The stock will be a reasonable sized purchase - am I correct in that I can make a capital investment of personal monies into business account which I can then use to cover the cost of the stock once the invoice comes in?

    Capital investment to be paid back once monies available to do so, whether that be this financial year or next?

    TIA Nick
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    Yes you can.

    When you pay the money in it'll be capital introduced and when you take it back it'll be drawings.

    Its worth keeping a record of where the funds come from in case HMRC ask.
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    There is absolutely no problem doing that. As you are a sole trader you are only moving your own money around.
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