Can I sign off Charity Accounts

Discussion in 'Accounts & Finance' started by bookkeeperbasingstoke, Apr 29, 2013.

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  1. bookkeeperbasingstoke

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    Can anyone tell me who is able to sign off Charity accounts please? I have completed them but wanted to know if I am able to sign them off ?
    Posted: Apr 29, 2013 By: bookkeeperbasingstoke Member since: Apr 16, 2008
  2. Robert Pearce

    Robert Pearce UKBF Newcomer Full Member

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    How big is the charity and is it unincorporated or a charitable company? A summary of the external scrutiny that's needed for charity accounts can be found here on the Charities Commission website. If an independent examination is needed, it's only once gross income exceeds £250,000 that the examiner needs to hold certain qualifications.
    Posted: Apr 29, 2013 By: Robert Pearce Member since: Apr 21, 2011
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