Can I challenge my office Rateable Value based on reduction of facilities?

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    The leased offices we have occupied last 11 years have been bought by a new landlord who is failing to maintain the property in full working order. Specifically the only lift has been out of service for 5 months and the landlord is refusing to repair or replace it. Our office is on the top (3rd) floor only now reachable via 6 flights of stairs and our staff / visitors having to climb up to six times a day. Our business can no longer be described as accessible.

    Is reduced amenity and loss of a key facility such as the above, grounds for getting the Rateable Value reduced or some additional discount or rebate on what we already paid?
    I am already exploring other avenues to remediate this situation including complaining on environmental health grounds, suing the landlord for breach etc. and have been discussing these issues in a separate thread, but just wanted to get some feedback on this specific Rateable Value question.

    Current VOA: London SE1 - Offices and premises 57.3sq m £350 psm rateable value= £17,000
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