Can anyone advise on this please?

Discussion in 'Time Out' started by Mrs Malapup, Mar 1, 2010.

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  1. Mrs Malapup

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    Sorry if its in the wrong place. My van was hit from behind (second time in 18 months!) The damage is not very severe this time but I have just had a call to say they are going to write it off and send me a cheque for £2k. But they say I can have it undergo a test and have it back on the road reasonably quickly :|
    Has anyone experienced this or know any details - will the van still belong to me? Will I have to buy it back from someone? I use the van to transport dogs on a daily basis - will I be without a van:eek: ? I am in total shock that they have written it off. Can anyone offer any advice please:rolleyes: Thank you
    Posted: Mar 1, 2010 By: Mrs Malapup Member since: Sep 4, 2006
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    Just as an aside, I think most insurers come up with a crummy offer in the hope you accept it. I'm pretty confident (although not certain) you can reject their offer and ask them to come up with something more realistic. Might be wrong though!
    Posted: Mar 1, 2010 By: stugster Member since: Feb 1, 2007
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