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Mo patel

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Oct 20, 2021
Hiya Guys

We are looking to import an item which will cost us £6.00 including shipping, after adding Import duty 10% plus Vat it will cost us £7.92.

Now when we resell the item at 10% GP it would cost us £8.80, plus adding vat our total cost would be €10.56.

Is £10.56 the correct amount we charge our customers. Is our method correct, we would appreciate all the help


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Jan 22, 2018
What Japancool said. Forget the vat. Your cost price is £6.60.

if you want 10% margin then your selling price before VAT is £7.33 I.e. £0.73 profit.

Your selling price after VAT is (£7.33 x 1.2) = £8.80. You owe this £1.47 to the government, less the import vat.

So to work it back:

Your takings are £8.80

your costs are:
£6.60 (item plus import duty)
£1.22 to the Govt in import VAT
£0.25 to the Govt in sales out VAT (£1.47-£1.22)
Total cost £8.07

meaning profit is £8.80-£8.07 = voila your £0.73 profit you were looking for.
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