Buying goods online to sell in high street shop?

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    Hi. Quick query.
    Pet shop on high street. UK England.

    If I find dry goods online (like eBay Amazon AliExpress) cheaper than what my suppliers charge me, can I buy online and resell in my shop.

    There’s a water test kit in question my suppliers all try and charge me £28 before tax. I can buy it on amazon for £15....

    What legal hoops do I need to jump through? Sorry I’m still new to all this just sick of getting mugged by wholesalers.
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  2. paulears

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    The only snag could be if the manufacturer has special agreements in place with their distribution chain, but if they're on Amazon, I doubt it. Only question is if it really is the same thing or a knock off? I'd buy one to see what the difference, if any, there is.
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    The goods online are genuine; I’m sure of that. There are countless things on our lists from wholesale suppliers that I just can’t afford to buy in as customers can get them online for less than what I could buy them for. And it makes me look bad for not stocking certain items.

    I didn’t know if I needed invoices/ vat recipes for stuff I buy. Surely I’m missing a trick. I got told when I opened the shop I couldn’t buy online and resell with an invoice. It’s really hurting my business
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    When I have to buy goods online for my own hobby at home because the wholesalers charge me more than amazon.... ridiculous
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  5. ecommerce84

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    There is nothing stopping you from buying them and reselling them in your shop.

    As Paul says, legitimacy needs to be checked but assuming it is the real deal, go for it. Your wholesaler won’t like it, but that’s business at the end of the day.

    Yes you need a receipt or invoice if you want to put it through your accounts (which you do) and the sellers should be able to oblige to this. Often the confirmation email or packing slip will double up.

    I imagine the practise of buying goods from eBay or amazon to resell is a lot more prevalent than people would realise.
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  6. Mr D

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    No reason you shouldn't be able to buy online.

    You check its not a knock off, you sell it.

    Just use the receipt / invoice from the purchase in your accounts same way you would other receipts and invoices.
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    Point to mention if you're VAT registered. You'll need to get a separate VAT invoice from your supplier as some of the Ebay receipts dont carry the VAT number. I found out the hard way........
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  8. Mr D

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    Some of the eBay sellers who claim to be vat registered cannot provide a vat receipt.
    A few of the better sellers who supply businesses send a vat receipt by email automatically.
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    I would also check that your liability insurers are ok with you buying goods particularly if they come from outside the EU. Some dont offer cover for goods bought from China.
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  10. TickledPink

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    Just to throw this in, years ago I sold computer equipment and had accounts with a variety of distributors, including some of the largest. Before long I realised that I couldn't compete with the prices they were offering. Even 20 years ago, there was a problem with distributor prices to smaller retailers not matching prices of more established retailers who, I guarantee, they were also supplying.

    There shouldn't be a problem with you buying from other sources. Chances are that at least some of them are buying from the same places that you are but in larger quantities, which helps them get better pricing.
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  11. Mr D

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    You wonder what equipment in the offices of the insurers does not use products from China.
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  12. Anthony K

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    1. Contact the seller and ask them any questions you may have.

    2. If you have done your “homework” on the company and are happy with their response, order one product to ensure the quality is as expected, delivery times are reasonable, full invoice is supplied, CE marking (if required) etc

    3. On arrival, if you are satisfied with the product, contact the seller / business and explain your ordering requirements and see if you can negotiate a better price moving forward.
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