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Discussion in 'International Business' started by martinn12005, Jun 22, 2020.

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    I live on an island within the EU. I have a successful business that is making about 30% net profit. I turnover about 500k per year with room for very high expansion. However, I have a considerable problem. The Company is 5 years old.

    My business requires a lot of warehousing storage space and on this island it is extremely expensive. Astronomically expensive. As are the residential properties. It's done to keep foreigners out or at least make it difficult for them - in my opinion.

    This island also has another problem. It is very corrupt. I've lived here 10 years now. I'm English, Within a few years of living here, I ended up getting a garnish order freezing my personal account for 30k euros done by a very corrupt individual. I've never used personal banking since that time and always operating everything I do through a Company.

    I have no access to bank finance because of the above but I don't really desire to do this anyway... Besides, it is very discriminatory towards foreigners.

    I would like to know what my options are? I don't particularly want to get an investor because of how corrupt they are here.

    I was thinking crowd funding but it's very hard to provide incentive to people for these kinds of ventures I believe.

    Is there anything I might be missing?

    I don't mind building the warehouse, buying it. I'll literally do just about anything to achieve my aims. But what to do. It seems very difficult.
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    Sounds like Malta - you are not going to change the island, so either accept and USE the corruption to your advantage - or move!
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    Move somewhere that will enable your business to grow better - at this moment would suggest renting warehouse space short term elsewhere, likely within 12 months you will be able to pick up suitable space cheaper than now. Or build cheaper.
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    . . . Sauce for the Goose is sauce for the Gander! Sometimes it's an absolute necessity
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    What are your aims?

    Are your suppliers and customers on the same island? If not, can you store stock near to one or both away from the island?

    Do you expect that to change as you grow? Are your growth plans on the island or elsewhere?
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    Does your warehouse have to be on the Island? Where are your customers?
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    Just move bro
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