Businesswoman Receives Accolade

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    Cox Virtual PA Solutions owner Lynn Cox has been chosen as “Revolutionary Business of the Month” for April 2008 by members of the VA Revolution, a group of international Virtual Assistants (administrators and PAs who work from their own office using the internet to receive and deliver work) who mentor and support one another as each grows and develops their business.

    Lynn joined the VA Revolution in order to exchange ideas and discuss the challenges she faces with other Virtual Assistants from all over the world. Lynn said, “Membership of the VA Revolution is a vital part of my support network as working alone can be very isolating. I have learnt so much from the other members and particularly enjoy sharing what has worked for me and the monthly Vision Calls when we set time aside to develop our businesses.”

    Those who voted for Lynn recognised her determination and focus and one commented, “Lynn's business has shown tremendous growth in the past year. She has pushed past many obstacles in order to establish a thriving, successful business. She's a shining example of the amazing things that can happen when a person refuses to give up.” Several others commented on Lynn’s love of technology, “I've always been impressed with Lynn's love for technology. She's always first to try out the latest and greatest programs and computer systems that most of us are too nervous to try.”

    When the award was announced Lynn said that she was honoured and humbled to be recognised in this way and went on to thank all those who had nominated her and the members of the VA Revolution for their ongoing support and advice.

    Cox Virtual PA Solutions is owned by wife, mother and entrepreneur Lynn Cox. She founded Cox Virtual PA Solutions nearly six years ago and provides PA and admin support services to businesses which do not have sufficient work to warrant employing permanent staff. She works from her own office and rarely meets her clients face to face as they are all over the world.


    For more information contact Lynn Cox on 01733 576745 or [email protected]
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    Very well done, Lynn. This is a great achievement. :)
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    Well done Lynn, excellent news. :)

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    Congratulations, Lynn!
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    Congrats Lynnie!!
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    Well Done Lynn, good stuff. :)
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    Lynn that is great news well done

    I bet you are well chuffed


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    Well done! That's great.
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    Hi Lynn

    Fantastic news, well done
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    Congratulations,Lynn - an award from ones (did I actually say 'ones'? How very plummy!!) peers and competitors is well won! (oh, damn, did I say 'peers'?).

    Anyway - great result!!!!
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    Thank you, everyone.
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