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Discussion in 'Northern Ireland' started by Davem1234, Jul 16, 2009.

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    Hi Dave,

    I too am from Co. Down, however, I moved to London and lived in Berlin for a brief period of time when I was studying. Plan to move back in about 6 months for a couple of years.

    As for business, I currently run a small IT company which Hosts Websites, Offshores Development Projects to the Middle east and consults on front office to EOP strategy for clients.

    All the best! :)
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    My names Adam, I'm 20, and I live half the week in Belfast and half the week in Ballymoney.

    I own a digital marketing company (although most of the work we do tends to be making websites), which also does hosting and website maintenance (and sometimes fixes customers printers and wifi lol).

    I'm also an economics student in the University of Ulster.

    If those two things weren't keeping me busy enough, I'm also researching the possibility of starting a free newspaper to be distributed mainly around Belfast for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs.

    To all our success!


    P.S. This feels like NI Entrepreneurs Anonymous lol
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    Paul Allen here, previously of Springvale Training, LBM and Computastore, now in business with my brother John Watters (4th year now).

    We are JB Office Supplies, based in Glengormley, we offer printer and office supplies to the UK, mainly Belfast schools at moment, but we're in process of expanding on that.

    That's why my ugly mug is here. :)
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    Hi Paul,

    There isnt a lot of activity on here as you can see from the date of the last post. Not sure why that is as if you go into the main forum the UK one is very active.

    Good luckwith the expansion anyway.
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    Working my way through the forums, got some time to research things like SEO and account software, this seemed like a decent place to start. Cheers for the welcome. :)
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    This thread seems ideal to post this.

    If you are in business or have an interest in business networking then this could be for you. Bring yourself, your business cards, enough money for a cuppa and let’s talk business over coffee!

    We usually meet monthly but follow us on Twitter or join us on Facebook for updates of when we meet.

    All in business welcome to attend.
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  7. Premiere People NI

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    Hi There,

    I work in Belfast and I am a recruitment consultant
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  8. Local Retro

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    Hi everyone, I am the magazine editor for Local Retro. A local community magazine serving Coagh, Moneymore and Stewartstown. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all a little better.
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    Hi All,
    Im dave from Cork. I know this is about the north but just decided to say Hello. I have just launched a website and would love if you all took a look. Also would love to swap banners with similar websites. God its hot living in the Costa del Cork.

    Good luck to everyone.
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    Hi folks, I'm Chris and I am based in County Down. I am a financial adviser specialising in small business protection for owners, their families and employees. Areas of speciality are Shareholder Protection, Business Loan Protection, Keyperson Cover, Critical Illness, Life Insurance and Income Protection.
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    Hello, I'm a freelance copywriter based in Portstewart, County Londonderry.
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  12. Onion4Sage

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    We are a Belfast based company providing comprehensive Sage to Excel reporting software.
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    Hmm, might try and grab a coffee with some of you some time. I do keep a list of local copywriters I can use for my marketing clients :)
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  14. David Steele

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    I am based in Belfast and have 2 businesses.
    One is for Amazon training and the other now being run by my wife sells natural products.

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    Portglenone Based E-commerce Website selling spare parts for powertools, check out sparetoolparts on google. I have operating for 2 years from my kitchen table, got years of experience in E-commerce but very little in Business, I'm on here to learn the business side of things and offer help and advice on area's that I know about
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  16. Elle VA

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    Hi everyone, I'm a Virtual PA based in Bangor, Co.Down. I am currently in the process of setting up my business. I here to get to know other business owners,get advice and help where I can!
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    Yeah i own and run a property maintenance business small i may ad.
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  18. Sarandipity

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    Hi, folks - this thread/the NI community doesn't seem very active, but I thought I'd intro myself just in case. I'm Sarah, an American living in Belfast, and running a home bakery.
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    Hi Sarah - you are a long way from home!! Welcome to Northern Ireland. Where is your bakery? You might like to join #Belfasthour on Twitter which runs on a Thursday evening 9pm to 10pm. There are lots of businesses who network each week.
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  20. Sarandipity

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    Hi, Heather - thanks for the welcome! Lol, yes indeed, I blame the husband. I'm based in south Belfast. Not sure if I can mention my business name. I've followed the hashtag on twitter but never really taken part, so maybe I'll give that a go, thanks!
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