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    Learn how not to make the mistakes too many other startups make!

    You Know What You Know

    Starting a business is one of the best things that anybody can do, however, whilst you may be good at what you do, how much do you know about the details of starting and running a business?

    • Do you register for VAT?
    • What's the difference between being self-employed or starting a limited company?
    • How much does everything cost?
    • How many employees do I need and how do I employ someone?
    • What are my legal duties?
    • Am I a director, shareholder or partner?
    • Where will my customers come from?
    • What are my costs?
    These are a few samples of what you will need to consider on your journey.

    Help Is Here!

    The Business Startup Bootcamp was created to enable you to understand many of the issues and obstacles you will probably meet on the way to building a successful business.

    It covers all of the areas that will affect you, shedding light on key questions that have been asked by thousands of startups over many years.

    This one day course is taught by established small business owners who have a track record of helping other startups and growing businesses.

    What Is Covered During The Day?
    • Why businesses fail
    • What not to do
    • What has made you take this step?
    • Your attributes & goals
    • What is your USP?
    • Have you thought about franchising?
    • Setting Up your business
    • The web, email, social media and all of that new fangled stuff!
    • Choosing a name
    • Decide the trading style
    • Register with HMRC
    • Accounting & Bookkeeping
    • What should be on an invoice
    • Business banking
    • Insurance
    • Location, offices & properties
    • Finances
    • Do the numbers stack up?
    • Planning the numbers
    • Where does the money come from?
    • Get the cash flowing Marketing & promotion
    • Advertising
    • Marketing
    • 100 Different Marketing Ideas
    • Sell To Succeed!
    • Networking - spread the word, one person at a time!

    That's A Lot!
    Well, there is a lot more involved in starting a business than most people realise. Get one bit wrong today and it could probably come back and affect you months or years later.

    What's Included?
    The bootcamp lasts for 5 hours and you will receive a workbook covering all of the topics discussed.

    Lunch is also included!

    This event has been organised, supported and subsidised by the Hammersmith and Fulham Adult Learning and Skills Service.

    Book on Eventbrite, here.
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