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    Thank you in advance for any help and advice that anyone may be able to provide.

    3 years ago I moved away from the UK to live in Japan with my wife and 2 children.

    I have recently become interested in starting an online business selling Japanese dry goods online.

    I have a few questions which I would appreciate help with.

    I recently heard on the news that the UK government has struck a free trade deal with Japan from January 2021.

    Does this mean that if I goods ship from Japan to the customer in the UK, will there no be any import tax?

    I've heard stories of people ordering products online, for example from hong kong which are shipped to the UK. but when it reaches the UK, the customer has to pay some tax before they can receive the goods?

    What I want to understand is that, when I ship the goods to my customers in the UK, will this happen? or do I have to pay the tax beforehand?

    I would appreciate some clarification if at all possible.

    Thank you
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    Hi welcome to the forum
    We think your customers will pay custom duties
    We have tried many time to send some small package to UK
    All our clients have to paid the custom duties.
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    You would need to check what the deal entails and when it starts from,

    UK has no ability to start new trade deals yet. In a month they do - so a number of deals have been put together that start from after the old one (EU) finishes.

    What happens currently and what happens in a month may be 2 different things. Or the same thing.
    The devil is in the details.

    Even in the UK we don't know yet what exactly the business landscape will be like. Two sides are still dithering.
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