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    Perhaps someone knows the answer to this question regarding choosing a business banking current account for a new startup. I have looked at a few of the top recommended ones like Santander startup and 1-2-3 account, Barclays, HSBC etc. but it's not clear which, if any, provide *this* feature:

    Delegated payment authorisations: (feel free to tell me if there is a standard term for this):
    Basically I want to delegate the day to day running of the company bank account to a bookkeeper assistant (staff member) to have view access over the whole account, but where payments out to e.g. suppliers are set up and submitted, there is an additional safety authorisation (me) required before the payment is actually sent? This feels to me like it should be a common requirement / feature for SMEs having more than 3 or 4 staff, but I cannot seem to find it and clearly the chat operators for these banks don't understand their own products to that level of detail!
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