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    Hi everyone,
    Just find out about this business forum site and nice to know it. I am working in S.V Import & Export Co., LTD from China as a Sales Representative. I would like to represent my company for increase its sales. Lot of customers from America, Canada, Australia, UK, Africa, Middle East & Asia are importing goods from China. But not everyone is successful in getting the exact person, agent, Suppliers, or manufacturers. Even you find suppliers or manufacturers, but you won't get the exact price you are looking for, which will increase your profit. Lot of buyers from outer China cannot visit China due to long journey or due to some special reasons. I would like to advice something, I am not saying that you should do business with us, But you are most welcome to share informations about China and Chinese market. Any queries related to any products are respectfully welcome.

    Sales Representative.
    S.V Import & Export Co., LTD - China
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