Bullying causing disengagement

Discussion in 'Employment & HR' started by Recruitergirl, Jan 31, 2018.

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  1. Recruitergirl

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    Hi there I'm looking for some advice. Currently working in an RPO environment. I love my job and really have taken pride in the work that I do and undertake. This includes consistently hitting and exceeding targets.

    The current environment I am in has a very damaging culture of escalations for pretty much everything. If an email is not answered within a couple of hours, if a new process that's implemented is not adhered to (even though no knowledge of said process has been indicated), clients shouting and being aggressive, through to the more political issues that many company's have.

    This is starting to really impact on my mental health, I frequently find myself crying before, during, and after work, not sleeping at night and frequently having to exceed my contracted hours by sometimes nearly 10 hours a week. I've discussed with manager on numerous occasions the impact it's having however I have been told this is the way this company operates and that I must get on with it or transfer out to another contract.

    It's apparent that the whole team are unhappy, as we frequently discuss how down and burnt out we all feel.

    The next problem I have (and I am desperately trying to work on this) is that I take these escalations and complaints however trivial personally and it is making me extremely negative and down in the office. So whilst I still hit all targets, I'm not happy and positive like I used to be. This has been picked up on and I have been warned that if this doesn't improve I will be given a PIP.

    I'm just looking for a bit of advice as to whether it is better to leave the company completely or transfer internally? I feel that by accepting defeat on this account it will inevitably be held against me for any progressive roles in the future.

    Does anyone have any past experience or words of wisdom? I would normally approach hr for a confidential chat on how I can be more positive or for support but since I've joined this company I have never been made aware of who my point of contact in HR would be.
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  2. Newchodge

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    Do you think things would change with an internal transfer?

    Just leave. for the sake of your health.

    Incidentally, what is an RPO environment?
    Posted: Jan 31, 2018 By: Newchodge Member since: Nov 8, 2012
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  3. simon field

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    Agreed. Some places just ain't good. Find something nicer.

    Incidentally, what's a PIP?
    Posted: Jan 31, 2018 By: simon field Member since: Feb 4, 2011
  4. tony84

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    PIP is performance improvement plan I think?
    How can you be put on a pip because you are unhappy but hitting all of your targets? Unless happiness levels are a KPI you are not hitting :p

    You are unlikely to change the environment of a workplace on your own, it normally starts higher up or is a group of people - added to the fact, it is not your job to make it a good place to work. You could speak to your bosses, but I would be more inclined to leave.
    Posted: Feb 1, 2018 By: tony84 Member since: Apr 14, 2008
  5. Chris Ashdown

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    recruitment process outsourcing.
    Posted: Feb 1, 2018 By: Chris Ashdown Member since: Dec 7, 2003
  6. paulears

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    KPI? We're slipping into acronym usage that is a bit too industry specific. I had to google RPO too.

    I'm starting to wonder if the real problem is with recruitment being all wow, hi and glossy for a job that needs a level of moral detachment. I'm not being funny - but a friend works in a slaughterhouse, although she does admin things she hears and sees what goes on, and can deal with it. They took on a new person, who could do the office job really well - but he became unreliable, often going off sick and in the end, they discovered the job had made him ill - the noise and the smells, let alone what he saw from time to time. Technically, he had a mental illness - probably caused by the working environment, but where the staff were all nice. Nowadays we can't tell the truth at recruitment - we never say it's a high pressure job where performance AND attitude to pressure - candidates must thrive on being put under pressure and must not have issues with brusque attitudes and angry clients. Those folk who work in complaints centres where every phone call is angry and bitter - the people in the NHS who have people die on them every day, let alone have to deal with blood, poo and gore.

    We tend to see the bosses as the bad guys, the jobs as terrible, and very rarely do we ever stand back and say - you know? The job has changed, and I can't do it any more. I had some very rewarding and happy times in education, until it changed and the changes really began to annoy and depress me. I got out. Now, the staff who can work in that environment thrive, those that can't (like me) just moan about had bad it has become. There is no weakness in realising you're in the wrong job for your personality.

    We now know how important mental health is - so if this job makes you ill, dump it and find something else, perhaps very different, but using the same skill set. Internally transferring won't help, because the ethos remains the same.

    An old school friend came out of the forces recently and was really angry with the Government for trying to market the forces as something softer and fluffier. He said all that happens is they encourage the wrong types of people, who cannot take it, who get ill and leave. Oddly he had no beef at all with female intake - as long as, he said, they were the right stuff. I thought he meant didn't wear makeup, and had horrible haircuts - but he said he meant simply that they thought and acted like soldiers. He said he needed to work with people he could trust would think like him when it mattered. He wasn't interested in all the sexism and gender stuff.

    We used to say horses for courses, didn't we. Now we seem to say that fit doesn't matter, and everyone should be able to do any job. People are still individuals and the fault seems to be that we expect every job to fit us all, and if they don't - the job is at fault.

    I've changed careers many times, when I get bored or cross. I now have a mental list of jobs I would never, ever do again.

    Both of my sons ended up working for big car dealerships, in different roles, and both absolutely came to hate it. The people were lovely, but the rules, the pressure to perform and the attitude of the customers spoiled a really good job they both enjoyed. The one who had customers screaming at him every day because of company policies, and money now works for the police, and has simply terrible things told to him that he has to deal with - and he loves it because they taught him how to 'detach'. The other son has just been through some selection tests for a similar but very stressful job and is about to change his job. Both going to higher pressure jobs - but a very different kind of pressure. Another friend was a midwife and hated the responsibility and how the job had to be - she's found a less stressful job as a rape councillor! Less stressful? Apparently yes.

    Now is the time for people to change, and try different things - I really believe that.
    Posted: Feb 1, 2018 By: paulears Member since: Jan 7, 2015
  7. tony84

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    Ive not read all of that (sorry).
    KPI - key performance indicator. I thought that was a term used in many industries...corporate speak for targets.
    Posted: Feb 1, 2018 By: tony84 Member since: Apr 14, 2008
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