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    The background will not be appealing to most and does not enhance your message at all. The content is not well structured which puts off whichever visits the page after a few seconds. A redesign would not be a terrible idea.
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    It feels very keyword stuffy, I don't know if this is because I'm reading this from a marketing background. But the H tags, titles and nav feels like keywords have been injected into it for SEO and not readability i.e. the balance towards SEO over readability.

    'SEO Freelancer UK Nina Payne is an eCommerce Somerset-based' I would of expected "SEO freelancer, Nina Payne' but seems like SEO Freelancer UK is a target keyword. I'd of gone for 'Nine Payne, a UK based SEO Freelancer'.

    This also appears the case when I look at things like image names, ALT tags and meta data; also one of the first places I look is robots.txt and looks like this is very excessive and you don't want your tags indexed? Page titles don't summarise what the page is about, more keyword stuffing it seems.

    This may be my connection but feels very slow to me?

    I have to be honest, on first impression of just the website, I don't think we'd engage with you as a freelancer.

    I'm being picky
    and negative
    and I don't like it.

    Sorry, I'm sure you are really good at what you do but that is just my observation.
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