British Public Couldn’t Give A F*** About Swearing

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    Me too. I really don't find the need to swear (and even 23 years as a squaddie didn't change that) as I rarely get upset about anything anymore (it's all the tai chi I do). I don't mind swearing but like Steve feel there is a time and a place. We came back from London on the train the other evening anf there was some banker type on his phone effing and blinding and as the conversation went on the words became even more crude. It wasn't pleasant.

    Thought. If you use profanity as part of your daily language but restrict yourself around clients does this mean you are not showing your true colours?
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    And everyone knows that that 8% are just a bunch of c***s***ing mother****ers.

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    I'm *aware* that some people have a problem with swearing, definitely. I'm aware that some people are not comfortable with profanity, and out of respect for their feelings I keep my language moderated.

    Always swore in front of my nan, and she always swore in front of me. My in-laws don't swear, so out of respect for them I try not to swear in their presence. Respect for their feelings, yes?

    See above - it's about respect. I swear around friends and family (none of whom find it offensive), but not around clients as it would be disrespectful. Just because I choose to keep some things private (or at least, restrict myself to doing them around people I know well) doesn't mean I'm not showing my true colours - just that I know that there's a time and place for everything :rolleyes:
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    Love it! Spot on insight there
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    Why people have become so politically correct they are worried about what words people say (which are not offensive to any one), I do not know.
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    I swear more than I would like I must old boss used to encourage me as he found it refreshing to hear a woman swear (his wife never did)...bizarre? I don't think having three brothers helped either or a father that used to swear constantly.

    My husband swears better than me though as he's a southerner and some words have a lot more impact when he swears.....until I put him in he f***ng place.
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    I feel as we are in in the midst of it all day from all corners of society, home is the only place we can call sanctuary. If the people we live with cant haul themselves in for 12hrs so that we can live togehter harmoniously then we have no chance at all. There, sanctimonious me...... I hit em all with a word they dont understand describing how beautiful the english language is and the reply 'what the f*** are you on about'

    As Spock said to Kirk on that famous bus journey in Star Trek number zilllion ' Ah what colourful metaphors' :eek:
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    That's just wrong - was he asking you talk dirty because his wife didn't understand him?
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    Oh dear, I never thought anything of it at the time! :eek:
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