Brexit - registering for VAT abroad - head about to explode!

Discussion in 'Accounts & Finance' started by rlellie14, Nov 27, 2020.

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    Hi. We export goods all round the world so thought we were all prepared for Brexit - ie we know the commodity codes, we are familiar with export docs/freight forwarders etc etc.
    But recently European customers are saying they will only deal with us if we pay their duties/VAT etc and so we need to be VAT registered in their country.
    Theoretically then I need to register for VAT in all EU countries we deal with and complete VAT returns in each of those countries monthly/quarterly.
    Is this correct?? My head is about to explode - 28 VAT returns instead of 1???!!!
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    There are specialist companies who will help you register for VAT across the EU, but it will not be cheap.
    I understand your customers' logic; until 31 Dec, your sales to them will be free of VAT and Duty. But presumably they can recover the VAT due under the acquisition tax rules in their country from 1 Jan 2021.
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    Take a look to the UK Export advice notes ("Prepare to export goods from Great Britain to the EU from 1 January 2021")

    The situation for you may change again during 2021. Import One Stop Shop ("IOSS") may be relevant to you, but I believe that it's introduction, together with the other e-Commerce simplification initiatives, has been delayed until 1 July 2021 due to Covid19.

    Have you explored whether your freight agents ready to account for overseas import VAT on transit from GB to the EU member states involved, where relevant? As you are used to exporting Globally, it does feel as if you have strong experience in this field.

    Will your EU customers accept confirmations that you will ship on a DDP basis? Are your EU business customers ready to accept Non-EU imports? Do they have EORI? Do your customers understand that they an recover any import VAT applied to the purchases?
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    Set up an EU company and trade via that.

    Set up a company somewhere like Germany or Ireland or anywhere else and get a regular bank account there and run the whole thing from your head office. I can well imagine that there will be a lively trade in cross-border deals between NI and RoI.
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    You must be unique!
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    He's had the same 4 years as you and I.
    Not as if it was suddenly announced last week and we are all scrambling to put procedures in place, plan strategies and mitigate risk at short notice.

    There are lots of businesses out there that have made preperations, worked out different supply chains, even built up stocks to deal with delays.
    We've even had practice runs for leaving!
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