Boxby is doing it for Free!

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    Boxby is doing it for Free!

    The UK Courier industry is facing one of its toughest times for a long time. Despite the drop in the price of fuel over recent months, the courier industry is still facing increasing costs, increased congestion charges, rising bridge tolls, increasing insurance and falling van values all hit hard. And this comes at a time that the volume of deliveries is also falling, and the prices that customers can afford to pay for deliveries is falling too.

    The last few months have seen the impact on the international parcel carriers, with City link on their way to £40m of losses for this year, DHL closing down all internal US delivery services, and Amtrak going into receivership at the end of the Summer.

    So, it’s even tougher for the small courier companies who need to fight tooth & nail to win each individual job. One company, Boxby, is trying hard to help both customers and couriers through the recession.
    Boxby is a unique courier finding website, offering parcel services, and also an easy way for customers to put their delivery job out to hundreds of registered couriers. In the past Boxby has charged a small fee, but as from today all of boxby’s services will be free.

    This means:
    · Free registration for customers
    · Free registration for couriers
    · No job fees charged to customers
    · No job fees charged to couriers
    · And No annual subscription fees for customers or couriers.

    This makes Boxby a uniquely free courier finding website. At present, we know of no other courier or delivery website that offers a fee free service to both customers and couriers.

    “The delivery market is a particularly tough one at the moment”, says Sandra Patterson, Boxby Director. “Both the customers and suppliers are trading in a very tight situation, the customers are looking to reduce the delivery costs to a minimum in order to secure the sales, and the couriers are facing continually rising costs”.

    “In order to help both our customers, and our many registered independent courier companies, we have decided that Boxby will no longer charge any fees to either the customers or the couriers, helping the couriers win extra jobs, and the customers save even more than they already do by using boxby. We will be introducing advertising to fund the website, and with our current numbers of users, and rapidly growing numbers of visitors, Boxby is an attractive proposition for advertisers. It’s a challenging time to be trading, which is why we listen carefully to our couriers and customers, and we think that these changes are really going to push Boxby on to become the top site for people looking for deliveries.”

    Editors Notes;

    Boxby is the trading name of Boxby Ltd, at, and the company was established at the beginning of 2007.

    Boxby is a one stop delivery solution website, providing next day parcel services and a quotation facility for large, heavy, urgent and fragile items that cannot be sent by couriers. Boxby has hundreds of registered independent courier companies, and regularly achieves savings for customers of up to 80% of normal courier rates.

    Please contact Sandra Patterson at [email protected] for any further information.
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    Great press release :')

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    Hope it works out well for you Sandra.

    All the best.


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    Brilliant news Sandra.
    We've come to know several small/medium sized courier companies and we will definitely point them this way.

    Nice press release!
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    Interesting business model Sandra, really hope that it works out for you, best of luck.
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    Thank you all for your support. Looking forward to the next few months, one side of this will be less admin, and more time to spend marketing the website, which has got to be good.
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    Great site Boxby, i just signed up, maybe a selection for car in vehicle type selections for courier..;)

    Dont see any reason why it shouldnt work:)
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    Nice release.... :)
    Thought I'd mention your site layout needs tweaking if you're interested in IE6 users


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    Nice press release Sandra, great looking website. Hope it goes well ;)
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    good luck, impressive pr.
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    Well done Sandra. Hope it works out well!
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    Well done Sandra, nice to see a proactive stance:) If you're not careful you'll be in the Natwest business mag again:eek:

    Mister B
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