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Discussion in 'Ecommerce Forum' started by altwebdesign, Nov 6, 2012.

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    I recently came across a report based on the feedback of 500,000 ecommerce users and wanted to share the findings with you, it reports on the most shocking ecommerce behaviours, the things that your customers do, what distracts them and why they are adding items to their shopping cart and not checking outÂ….

    The results from this survey provide some good information and if your ecommerce website is suffering poor sales, the solution could be listed here.

    Take a read of the article at: http://www.altwebdesignuk.co.uk/blog/ecommerce-crash-course-1-shocking-ecommerce-behaviours-2/

    I look forward to hearing your comments, i hope you find some value in the article and at the very least find a way to improve your online sales.

    Posted: Nov 6, 2012 By: altwebdesign Member since: Dec 3, 2009
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    Nice tips. Do you have a link to the report you read?
    Posted: Nov 7, 2012 By: rife Member since: Aug 16, 2010
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