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    You Know What You Know, But You Do Not Know What you Do Not Know!

    Pretty obvious? Well you would be surprised about how many people dive in to setting up a business, part or full time, and get the basics wrong, which can have a devastating effect further down the line!

    Come to the Bitesize Business Startup Bootcamp and we will discuss the basics, enabling you to lay down a foundation to allow your business to grow on steady foundations. At the heart of this Meetup will be you!


    There are thousands of people like you who either want to start something or have taken the first steps.
    • You can start your business by just selling...
    • You can register a business for a few quid in ten minutes or less...
    • You can spend tens of thousands of pounds on a website...
    • You can spend thousands on online and off line marketing...
    • You can have the 'next big thing'...


    More than half of UK businesses fail within 5 years, with tens of thousand not making it past the first year. Whilst the UK tax system, a lack of bank lending and the cost of running a business are cited as the top reasons for failure, my 15 year experience of setting up and running my own start ups and helping hundreds of others in their journey mainly points to
    - incorrectly setting up the company,
    - investing in the wrong things at the wrong time,
    - focussing on the wrong things,
    - not accepting advice
    - and, sadly, having no idea about the product, service and markets they are entering into.

    The Bitesize Business Start Up Bootcamp will change that!

    Following many requests, I have broken down my intensive, day long start up event - The Business Start Up Bootcamp - into bite size weekly Meetups.

    Across 9 weeks, anyone interested in starting their own business, those who have already taken the first steps and even those further into their journey who have hit barriers

    For more information, visit here.
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