best way to digital market babywear on small budget

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    I have a small (when i say small i mean very small, pocket money size) business making and selling quality gender free but fun baby and toddler wear. I have a small shop on Etsy which doesn't generate too many sales but its good to have as a catalogue as the business is just too small to have its own website.
    I'm not in a position to plough thousands into marketing to generate a huge business with employers and manufactures etc, I just want enough sales to generate a (small) reliable regular income.

    I have an Instagram account (@charlie_nellbabywear) but I am just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on how to generate the conversion between followers and sales. The only other option I can think of is starting to send 'gifts' to promoters and bloggers. Does any one have any other ideas?? Really believe in my brand but starting to lose motivation on how else to push it!

    Thank you so much in advance. x
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  2. davidlee21

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    You can connect to influencers in your niche. There are many mom and family blog.
    You can run ads on fb selecting the proper age group.
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  3. antropy

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    Contributing to other people's blogs will help to get your name out there, especially if they have a wider audience! Alex
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    Make sure you are posting on instagram on a regular basis if not already, at least once daily. Use hashtags relevant to your product. Engage with your followers, if they comment on your post, reply. Instagram likes interaction the more you interact the more it will show your post to other accounts. Once you get to 10K followers you can sell directly through your story. Consistency is key.
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  5. Lauren Hayward

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    You can try paid Instagram and Facebook ads with attractive images and offers.
    Try to publish carousel ads, banner ads and blog ads.
    Optimize your website for the search engine for long term and your product keywords.
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  6. Mr D

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    Why is the business too small to have its own website?

    Have you tried ebay, amazon, NOTHS etc?
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    as I just sell to order, to reach to a wider audience I allow the customer to pick from the fabrics I find and then order each fabric to order. I don't have enough funds to bulk buy soo much fabric in hopes that people will order it x
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  8. Mr D

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    That doesn't sound like too small to have its own site or not sell on other sites.
    Quite a number of handmade sellers who produce to customer requirements.
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    If I was in your position I would probably target Facebook ads to begin with. If you are really selective in the targeting criteria you can reach a very specific audience without the need to spend too much money.

    Mummy bloggers, as mentioned above, they can be super effective but they can also be super expensive. They know they can command silly prices now and many are not as cheap as they used to be. However, if you can find a handful that have significant following and have just had a baby and offer to send them free stuff, they may then do some promo for you. May be worth considering too.

    Either way, you're going to have to invest some money in marketing to get the word out.
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  10. soph7372

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    I suppose I mean with a website I have to limit my choices of fabrics etc and I haven't even brought them yet as I don't want to assume and narrow the audience more when I am just starting to get out there. I do sell on Etsy as NOTHS is very expensive, but I want to 'get out there' and make a name for myself and know it is definitely going to work before I invest in lots of fabrics to then put a website together. Sorry I am blabbing abit! Maybe i am being TOO cautious!!
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  11. Mr D

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    Use a website to show your finished work, to show what you can do.
    As well as take orders.

    Basic website can be referred to in emails, on business cards, leaflets etc.
    Make it part of your marketing strategy - doesn't have to be a £5K website, does have to look good - so decent photos among other things.

    Friend of mine did a dog grooming business, for a year before she set up in business she was taking photos of all her friends dogs to put all over the site. Happy dogs who knew her.
    Before she had her first customer she had a good site with what looked like tons of happy dogs.
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  12. evhow90

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    Get a basic website, grow on social media, blog in relevant blogs, find influencers, connect with businesses who may promote you, sell on third party websites. There really is no easy quick win, it will take time, but keep going and don't lose faith :)

    Know your market and try and invest some time in learning SEO techniques if you can't afford to pay for these services at the moment.

    Good Luck :)
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  13. Taobao agent

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    You can try Facebook AD.
    Posted: Mar 12, 2019 By: Taobao agent Member since: Jul 23, 2018
  14. Darren_Ssc

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    Keep it local and build from there. Local social groups, mums on the school run and such. Don't waste your time with facebook ads until you are already established, know what you are doing and have a bit more money to throw around.
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