Best Postage Solutions For Small E-Commerce Store Selling UK & Overseas

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    This thread is donkeys years old !
    I hope the OP found a solution or he will be storing undispatched goods in those airship hangers in Oxfordshire :confused::confused::confused::confused:
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  2. Abijay

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    Like most people here, I am finding that RM serves my purpose as a small business. I post small items using 2nd class to addresses in the UK and I send a tracking number to my customers as proof of posting. So far I have not had any complaints.
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    Personally I would stick with Royal Mail. I've had clients move to other shippers and have regretted it.
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    I think it depends, I'm also sending some parcels using UKMail for next day delivery and it's a bit cheaper than Royal Mail for next day delivery. We use Spring & DPD for our international, and it's also quite cost effective. I didn't even need to get my own contract (, and it's all going well. We are just in the start up phase though.
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    That's useful information. I use Opencart and have just checked and there are DPD shipping extensions available for it. I'll bear that in mind for the future.
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  6. Michael Beaumont

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    I used to use P4D. I found DespatchBay who I have been with for over ten years
    Use the code 1GD7G for a discount.
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  7. Stephen Linden-Wyatt

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    I agree. The Royal Mail is far better than it use to be. I would consider knocking you overseas sales on the head as the postage is very expensive.
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  8. Alpha Helica Peptides

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    There are a lot of Source for Postage, but according to me Royal Mail for UK customers is best and for Non-UK Parcelforce. I hope it will works for you!
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    Anyone concerned about the 12% (on average) increases to the amount you pay for business mail that Royal Mail have applied over the last few months (since November 2019) as shown below...?

    Nov 2019 – 3.5% increase (fuel surcharge more than doubles from 3% to 6.5%)
    Jan 2020 - 4.5% price increase (interim price change)
    From Mar 23rd 2020 – 4.2% price increase (annual price change)

    % increases vary by service and whether domestic or International but average out at around 12% increased since Nov 19.

    A lot of people thought the price increase on Jan 2 was the annnual price increase brought forward not an interim/additional hike.
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  10. John from TAPMIO

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    If you dont want to queue why not use the Post Office Drop & Go service, you have express drop off, they manage the post via your prepaid account, quick and easy?
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    Yes, quite an old thread, but it's a valid one worthy of updating.

    I will be totally honest here, the main problems with perfect delivery anywhere in the world is the fact that buyers simply cannot fill out their own address properly which messes up the address input fields prior to a label being printed in the regular pre-formatted state.

    The solution to this problem, same as for all other delivery service labels, is manual intervention to double check that your customer has typed out their own address properly in the first place, which I then check against their paypal or bank card info to ensure perfect postal address format compliance as per the RM postage standards and make corrections if required. More of my time lost yes, but never a parcel lost which is the ultimate goal here!

    I also have COLLECTIONS of my parcels (called courier collect) from a big parcel box at side of my house because I cannot get to a post office or sorting office during office hours due to my day job. You simply book a 'courier collection' instead of selecting 'drop off shop' at point of purchasing your postage label, which is done from your PC.

    Alternatively, use any of the now commonplace Hermes 'drop off shop' locations to get your parcels scanned into the system one at a time, very quick and easy with zero problems as the postage label barcode system is perfect for this.

    You can do all this via a personal account status for very small sporadic volumes of parcels or get a business account if you're into the hundreds, all easy to do.

    DOWNSIDES: my sales come via eBay UK and independent websites with PayPal as the processor.
    When I create a postage label from within Hermes account software on PC, the auto generated barcode number (for tracking purposes) has to be manually inserted (copy and paste) into either the eBay transaction back office or PayPal transaction back office which can be a pain sometimes, especially if you have a sudden rush of 10 items to be processed right at bedtime or before you leave the house for work. This can actually be automated using the various plug-ins that link your sales channels to Hermes but I prefer the manual approach to ensure perfect customer delivery address prior to printing the postage labels.

    UPSIDES: Cost, ease of use, zero interaction with Royal Mail, I can process my orders and leave them outside ready for courier collection at any time of the day or night 24/7, massive bonus for me. My local collection chap arrives between 2pm and 4pm daily without fail.

    Biggest problem Encountered so far: Almost impossible to contact Hermes by phone. Major major drawback.

    When posting out of the UK I find that it is almost always the destination address local courier that causes or has a problem. Always arrives eventually but sometimes not in the most timely fashion that I would expect but certainly no worse than any other international postal couriers.

    My second choice of courier would be RM 24 or 48, tracked and signed for UK and international but I have problems which prevent that, as well as the higher cost! RM business account is def the way to go if you're a volume seller and get the parcel collection service at your business address too.

    My third choice of courier would be DPD UK and international, who are fantastic in every respect but not as cheap or handy for me as is Hermes otherwise they would be very top of my list.

    Hope this speech is of help to someone.

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    Hey moorland, Such a nice idea or solution for small e commerce store selling uk overseas.
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    Hermes on Joe Lycett CH 4 now as I type, useless incompetent firm in my experience and now being exposed, selling "undelivered goods" at auction house, huge trucks every week at least arriving " delivery address on packages, how they get away with it?
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    The same way every courier does? Even royal mail.

    Now, goods are not delivered and for whatever reason cannot be returned (seller not paying, no return address, found after reimbursing seller etc) what method should a courier use to get rid of goods?
    No space to store them, disposing of in landfill costs money. So what method should be used to sell off what cannot be delivered?

    Remember the media is out to tell a story. If they can paint a company in a bad light even better for them. They ignore that stuff is standard practice instead it must be presented as really bad by this company.
    Posted: May 1, 2020 By: Mr D Member since: Feb 12, 2017
  15. Alpha Helica Peptides

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    Royal Mail is best for Uk.
    Posted: May 12, 2020 By: Alpha Helica Peptides Member since: Feb 10, 2020
  16. SoF

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    I agree Royal Mail is best for the UK, as I sell items that are not insured with others. However how do I get that to work on my Wix site? They are not priced by weight, but a mix of weight and size. Is there a better website builder company for the UK they are all so US based.
    Posted: May 13, 2020 By: SoF Member since: May 13, 2020
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    Hi Guys

    I've been following and even gave my input on this thread, but I now I also need advice.

    I'm currently using RM Drop & Go which is fine, but lately I've been sending 150-200 Large Letters/Small Parcels weighing approx 750g max each, And I have found that the staff at the post office are taking up 2-3 ways to work their way through them before they are loaded into their system. this means my delivery times have an extra 5 working days on them at times, which is causing issues with my customers.

    I have been playing around with Click and Drop, and currently only use it for my Non-EU sales, it is fine for this kind of work, as it is only ever 5-10 orders each week. I have been looking at moving everything over to C&D but my problem is, I don't know the weights of all items I am sending. I have got the details from the suppliers for 10,000+ weights and dimensions but there are still 100,000+ products which don't have these details.

    In order to print the labels efficiently all products in C&D need a weight and need to be assigned to a package type. typicallly I'm using RM 2nd Class Large Letter or RM 2nd Small Parcel. I was thinking of simply assigning the products with no weights or dimensions a weight of 750g and class them as a small parcel.

    Yes this may mean I get charged a min of £2.80 odd for something that should be going as a large letter and costing me around £1.90, but the time saved on dispatches may be worth it.

    Does anyone know if RM will put Surcharges on products that I over pay for I know they do it for underpayment.

    Is there any other way I can do this so keeping my prices down. Would other couriers insist on knowing weights and dimensions of things?
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  18. jjscruff

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    @Sparetoolparts i sell a lot of vintage clothing and mostly just guess the weights with click and drop

    I've used RM for 100s of large letters and parcels every week for 10 years and been pretty casual about weights

    RM don't have time to be looking over your orders every day.
    They'll spot if you're abusing the system but if your weights are just a bit off it doesn't make much difference to them so they aren't going to notice.

    Revenue protection seem to get in contact once every few months or even a year just to tell you off and hit you with a surcharge. This is just an arbitrary process to remind you they are there and looking over your mail, in my opinion.
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  19. Mr D

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    Click & Drop?
    Mine I just hand over the manifest sheet, put the bags in the corner where I always put them and that's it.
    Post office staff don't open the bags - the postwoman comes in from her van, grabs a load of bags, loads them in the van and that's it as far as local post office is concerned. While some stuff is taking over a week and some is next day its normal postal service as far as local post office.

    Perhaps arrange with your local depot to drop bags off direct?

    Weights are easy - just get the weight of one item packed - and enter it. Then its saved for next time.
    Takes a little time at the start and doesn't translate to same type of products.
    However if you know a blue raincoat of xx size by Caprice is 450g then you can say the same red raincoat in that size is same weight.
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  20. Sparetoolparts

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    I mainly use Drop & Go, you hand over the parcels, they weigh them and apply the postage and take the money from your pre-paid/credit account. Been using it for years and is ok when I'm not sending 150+ orders each time I turn up :)

    I also want to get C&D sorted as it has the Export Labels with commodity codes etc and picking list as standard with it. Being in NI, if/when I'll need to export my order to the mainland having these labels pre-printed and filled in will also be a time save also.

    My Items are various sizes and weights but 90% are small parcel under 1kg. I have imported all my 1 million SKU's into C&D but as explained not all have weights so unless I had a way of only using C&D for 100k+ SKU's that have weights and sent the rest via Drop & Go, I'll need to fake it with C&D and say that all parcels are Small Parcels and weigh 750g

    I really want to save as much as possible during the dispatch process so maybe paying a little more per parcel is my only option. I can't be the only one with similar problems?
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