Based in Germany, earn commission in UK: what can I expect?

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    greetings from Munich.

    Before I pose my question, I should explain a little about myself. I'm a UK, living in Germany for many years. I am an archaeologist and I offer historical tours over here. I'm self employed. Although I run this business, I have no formal qualifications - I know my product - historical tours - but the actual technical elements of running a business, well that is, by my own admission, not not strongest suit. Having to deal with technical financial German jargon really does not help!

    These issues aside, due to customer feedback and demand over the years, I'm looking a couple of freelancers in the UK so that when I get the next emails asking if I run tours out to Stonehenge, York or wherever, I can say "Well I have just the guide for you". I connect the guide with client, and I take a small, set commission from the transaction.

    An incredibly simple proposition - but what should I be aware of on the UK side, in terms of legal issues and tax?

    I thank you in advance for your consideration and replies.


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    Es ist aber ganz einfach! Deutsche Finanzjargon sagt schlicht, was etwas ist. Hier in Bexistan wird alles in Kurzform geschrieben, so dass man ständig in Google wühlt und versucht herauszufinden, wofür irgendeine doofe, alberne dreibuchstabige Abkürzung steht. (Ein guter Steuerberater ist wichtig, wenn Du Dein eigenes Unternehmen führst!)

    Apart from that, you will need someone local in the various parts of the UK. I know that archaeological and historical tours are very popular in Scotland and in Cornwall and Devon. A Google search will bring results! (I have connections for both areas and can make recommendations should you want them!)

    Aware in Britain? Not much! They will be freelance and you are freelance. They are a business and you are a business. As no goods or services travel from Germany to or from Brexistan, they pay you a commission and that's that. You can always open an online account in the UK and use that as a float for those occasions when you visit to bring family and friends food parcels.
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    Thank you for your quick reply. I have a very good Steuerberater here in Munich, someone who really makes that part of my life so much easier. He is worth his weight in Wurst.

    I've not worked on the UK archaeological circuit since 2007 but I maintain good links with colleagues who either still dig as freelancers but who have gaps in their schedule or who due to injury and fatigue have had to retire from the profession. These would be my first port of call in terms of local bods.

    You wrote: "As no goods or services travel from Germany to or from Brexistan, they pay you a commission and that's that". I was hoping that that would be the case, but as life so often reminds us, what we want and what we get are often two different things. That has certainly made my Sunday, thank you The Byre.


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    Having had dealings with some of the guide companies in the west country my experience is very mixed. Many of them are not very ethical in their business dealings. Check up on who you are dealing with.
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