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    On the product page on the configurator

    This makes the 'out of stock' message even more annoying. If it's out of stock don't show it on the site.
    But most don't have multiples. most only let you select one then the rest are disabled. If you want to make it easy for customers - fix this. A radio to select the option and a dropdown the the quantity.
    Amazon doesn't have a zoom. I've just checked. And you don't need a zoom either - your customers already know what they want, the image is just there as a placeholder.
    No it isn't. I told you where it could go. Make it a sticky just below the main nav. This will give you a lot more room to build a decent configurator.
    On Amazon it's HUGE and on a dark background and stands out. Yours doesn't
    Disagree. You have pit SEO above the needs of the customer. Google will look at the page and see that the blurb adds no real value to the customer. If you want to put it somewhere useful, create a 'about this product' page. Or put it in the product description. If you are serious about SEO I'd being with fixing the dreadful page speed score of 6/100.

    Build the site for your customers not for Google and not for how you like things. The more I look, the more is seems you have begin with a layout and then made the content fit.
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    I tried to work with the configuration tool and was not able to build the configuration I would want. I recently purchased from a competitor a HP620 and I was not able to build the same config on yours at all. Other site was quite nice to be honest and didn't have a config builder at all. Quick chat with them and they listed a new product for me with my specs. Job done and purchased in 10 min.
    In regards to the drive you always list them as major brands. What are you putting actually in there for ssd's and hdd's

    Going through all the other feedback's I agree with most of them. site very slow and even i was not able to actual figure out your configurator and i new what i wanted.
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    Hi Nico,

    Thanks for the feedback and sorry to hear that you had a bad experience.

    Certainly if you had also contacted us directly i'm sure we could have equally had you sorted in 10 minutes, but in relation to the website it's very disappointing that it didn't meet your needs.

    Can I ask what specifically you were looking to do with the configurator that you couldn't? This will help us try to find a resolution for future use cases.

    In terms of the drives, these would be from the major manufacturers, so largely either Seagate or WD. As we stock drives by their generic manufacturer as well as their OEM (HP, Dell) we've used the 'Major Brand' tag to avoid causing confusion with too many brand names in the options list.
    We are indeed aware that this is cause for confusion for many users and have thus far been too slow to rectify it if i'm honest.
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    The configuration seems to have been developed to suit how you do things not how the customer does things.

    The fact that a number of reviewers have commented on this suggests you need to think again about the buying process. The very fact you have to explain yourself in this thread should tell you something is amiss. All the answers should be on the product page not reliant on me calling you on the phone.

    As I said before: build the site for you customers, not for Google and not how you think it should be.
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    Hi fisicx,

    As always, thank you for your input.

    The two potential customers who have reported taking their business elsewhere have both found competing sites which also didn't directly provide what they're looking for and have resorted to talking to someone manually.

    In the second instance it's not yet clear why that was. I appreciate that you have your theories and we have certainly taken those on board, but given that Nico is here and able to reply it seems prudent to ask the question.
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    Totally agree with you. But the concern for me would be why they felt the need to go to a competitor.

    Just looking at the configurator (as a potential customer - I will need a new server) It's not easy to use not does it give me all the information I need. There are loads of tihngs you can do to make it really slick. But it's not a quick fix.

    When you commissioned the new site how much user testing did you do before actually writing any code?
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    Indeed. It wasn't clear from the first customer but again, hopefully Nico will be happy to share his reasons.

    Nothing is quick with the configurator unfortunately. There is an awful lot of business logic (by necessity) and component dependency logic (also by necessity) which makes it difficult to make sweeping changes.

    That said, it is targeted at the business and enthusiast enterprise IT user and they repeatedly inform us that they want more options rather than less. Indeed the feedback from our customer base has been overwhelmingly positive thus far and when asked if simplifying/dumbing down the option sets would be preferable, almost nobody has said it would.

    That obviously doesn't discount the fact that the feedback here suggests there's certainly another market who would prefer less choice and a more guided selection process.
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    No, don't dumb it down. Just make the UX smoother and more logical.

    My suggestion of radio fields and a single quantity box will help as would adding more information about the components.
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    I have now returned from my tour of the UK. I spoke to Scan about other completely different topics that had nothing to do with workstations. I would not drive hundreds of miles to look at workstations or discuss them. We just need some workstations in 19" racks to be put into a machine room. Busta!

    Your site is just too vague.
    This advice is golden!

    If a customer comes to us and asks for X, we provide X. You seem to want to provide an explanation as to why you are selling Y and Z instead.
    No, you still do not understand what is being said here - you are not providing enough information - e.g. which drives are you offering?

    A guided selection process does not obviate the need to be specific about what each component is that goes into a PC. Scan sells a lot of PCs and they list every component, but give a full starting point for a model that fits a specific task. The customer can then add HD and RAM, etc. according to their needs.

    I am perfectly certain that you would be fully able to put together what we and others need, but your website gives the opposite impression.
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    Just configured me a ProLiant ML350 Gen9 Tower Server from your website. Expensive, but nice, very nice.

    This company has been in business 22 years, has a ton of customers, top reviews and a ton of cash in the bank - you don't need to be going back and forth with jokers on here, just get some professionals in on-site.

    Just a shame you're using what looks like Magento.
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  11. Nico Albrecht

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    Not doing advertising for those guys but recently bought a refurb HP Z620 I found there site so much easier to use and navigate to be honest. Life is to short for checking ram voltages etc....

    For your own sake I hope you only fit new ssd's as there is no way for you to actual wipe an SSD drive for resell. From a forensics point the SSD can't be wiped and only a physical destruction guarantees that old data was destroyed. I tried to configure the 620 i bought on your side and was not even able to do so.

    If you can configure a Z620 V2 barebone with dual xeon and 96GB ram on your side I was not able to do it. Once I got to the ram I can only have 48GB max and the different ram and power supply options got me confused. ECC ram is cheap so why not simply offer the fastest one.
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    Just a small bit of input from me, but I find the animated nav menu to be quite jarring. What I'm talking about is when you scroll down the page and the nav bar shrinks slightly - it's too jumpy. I'd recommend either making it a smooth animation instead of a jump from one to the other, or just keeping it small in the first place.

    This is just nitpicking on my part. The site feels fairly smooth to navigate otherwise!
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