Bankruptcy with a limited company

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    Good afternoon all,

    I hope you are well and safe.

    Due to health issues, I am unable to work at the moment. I have personal credit card and loan debt which I may not be able to pay back in a reasonable time frame.

    I am considering bankruptcy, however I understand that you can't be a director of a company and will get dissolved.

    I have a director's loan account of £1,000, no assets and my last tax bill (corp tax) payment is due next year, my question is what happens to this if I was to go bankrupt in the next few months?
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    The debt owed to the Company will rank as an unsecured creditor of your Bankruptcy.

    Make sure you explore all personal options as a Debt Management Plan, Debt relief Order or an IVA might be more suitable than Bankruptcy.

    Stepchange will give you free advice:
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    If you are talking personal debt relief then the ctax debt will still stand and be payable by the company.

    It is likely your overdrawn DLA will be more than £1K if there are no funds (assets) within the company to fund the c/tax debt.
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    Thanks for your help, very grateful.
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    I've filed for bankruptcy which was confirmed two weeks ago, I'm the sole Director of a Limited company which I filed to be struck off in March. I know I'm not allowed to be a Director whilst bankrupt but I also don't have another Director to appoint.

    I put this information down on my bankruptcy form and assumed that would be sorted out then but I'm yet to hear anything about my bankruptcy. Do I need to inform companies house myself?
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