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    I hypothesise that this will work. Is from where I'm being approached anyway. So, instead of being approached by the "gatekeepers", I will approach the boss directly. I will test it.

    I guess I really don't need any fancy website. I got the blog there also, where I can write some geek stuff, that's the main purpose. Guess that's what I will use the website for.

    Sorry fisicx, I still need to ask you a bit more of your time

    About your quote about the code:

    Would you mind to help me improve the system and point me to which code you're talking about? I would like to improve it if needed.

    And for the following, I also need your help:

    The slides are used for in-person training sessions. The subject is very technical and is intended for software developers that develop enterprise software with Java, an Object-Oriented language.

    I understand the slides look boring, although I tried to put some funny images there, I agree they are not perfect but the content is the right content. I know that because I used them for my former training business.

    I want to improve the slides, though. Would you mind to point me some improvements that I could do with the slides, make them less boring? How? Any incorrect piece of knowledge in the slides?

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    You many not need a fancy website but it still needs to have a purpose. Once you know the purpose you can write the content. You say you will be reaching out in Linkedin but the people you contact will still want to see what you have done. The website is the ideal platform for this: show a prospective employer the work you have done.

    The code begins with 158 lines of mostly non-essential content. You can get rid of just about all those meta. Your logo is hosted on amazon aws instead of just being in your images folder. You have the styles on the site instead of a simple external stylesheet. BUt you call for the external lightbox css when you don't even need lightbox. Run the site through the W3C validator and you will see a whole load of errors and warnings. Is this how you write you product code?

    As you them go down the code you have a whole load of sharing content that isn't needed (pinterest for a tech blog?) In fact the blog post shouldn't even be on the homepage.

    Now to the slides. You may have used then in a former training role but are they right for your potential visitors? Would a recruiting manager be interested? Why do you even need his email address, what are you going to do with it?

    If you want to improve the tutorials don't present them as a slide set. Put the tutorials online, paginate and provide something useful for Google to index.

    Put ALL your focus on the needs of your potential visitor. Build the website for a potential employer so they can see the work you have done.

    Note: your home and blog pages are the same. What has gone awry?

    And is Yule Technologies just you? If so then say so. No need to even mention the Ltd company - nobody cares.

    I could write a whole load more but everything now depends on your marketing plan. This will be the driver for the whole site.

    PS: get your own hosting. You don't need cloudfront or aws for such a tiny site.
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    That was fantastic fisicx, really appreciate it.

    I would love to explain the reason for everything you mentioned about the technical part but would be a big ramble. For example, the platform hosting the website is used for way lot more stuff, it's currently hosting and managing 10 websites in an integrated environment, that's why you see different CDNs being used. As you may understand, these one-site-fit-all 'ish platforms will always have challenges to solve.... Anyway, no more rambling. Yes, I agree with you, looking at the end result, the tech could be improved.

    That pinterst thing, yeah, kind of annoying in a tech blog.

    The links for home and blog pages, well, it's kind of a black swan, I did not know everything when I did it, and now it's just wok for my side to fix it :)

    I guess I know in my heart the purpose, but I have no means yet to express it, I guess I go along and see how it goes. The final destination is to be delivering software that's far better than the average and do it in my own terms... From there I guess I have to work backwards and figure out what I need to do to get there.

    Again, really appreciate the time and effort you put here, fisicx

    Thanks again for your feedback, I'm really impressed how you helped so much.
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