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    Is it possible to back up specific software to an external drive?

    I want to migrate some software to another device, what I don't want to do unless I have to is to take a back up of the how computer WIN10 as well... I have a new installation on a new device so i don't need to overwrite that...
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    I'm pretty sure you can with Acronis or other 3rd party tools but not from the built in Windows backup. Also can't you just copy the program files or app data directory for the program, since that's where it'll most likely store its data. Some programs also have built-in backup tools.
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    What data or config information needs to be exported from the application and how, in order to migrate that data to an installation in another machine, is very much going to be specific to the application.

    If you can be more specific we may be able to assist with a little Google-Fu, if not I’d suggest reaching out to the vendor specifically.
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    99% not possible. Programms in windows are pretty much tied into it via registry and some other let's call it magic. This is first of all done to prevent unauthorised copying of software and some other let's call magic. Linux and unix based operating systems makes it much easier.

    To maintain some old software either convert the the old pc into a vm and run vm on new machine or simply reinstall the software on the new machine and license it correctly.

    There are ways around it but very costly. We do that occasionally. Currently there is no backup software for Windows that allows app transfer only without breaking dependencies.
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    Many thanks for the answers.
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