Avoiding unreasonable charges when importing (unloading in port)

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    Good afternoon guys, a complete newbie here.
    we are looking for some suggestions of reliable companies who can unload the container and deliver the industrial machine purchased in China.

    The last time we bought a heavy thingy we had an unreasonable (and big) hidden fee added by a company that was unloading the container. We were talking to a manufacturer if they can organise a transparent delivery, however, they suggest they only can pay duties and import for us.

    any suggestions on what we can do or where we can look at will be much appreciated
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    Hi Vitotitto.

    Your comments above are a little ambiguous, in that they don't mention if you are bringing in a full container, or is this being brought in as a part shipment.

    There are various options and yes, costs are involved, but, depending on your exact requirement, they will vary.

    Do you need any specialist unloading machinery at your site, do you have a forklift, and how large/heavy are the machines in question?
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    This is a good way to get hit with more unreasonable fees.
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    If your supplier has arranged the LCL shipment, then you are reliant on ‘their’ container agent unloading the container and charging you (probably) an inflated fee as they are the only agent that can unload the container.

    You will still need a UK forwarder to clear Customs and deliver the machinery.

    As Mike states above, you may have added costs if specialist machinery is required to unload and deliver,

    Given the current shipping price chaos, it’s difficult to argue with prices agents are quoting as it’s the shipping lines that set the prices.

    Add to that, surcharges being added by container companies, as well as cancellation fees.

    There is no end in sight and likely to get worse.

    It might be ‘cheaper’ to get a UK shipping company to give you an ‘all inclusive’ quote, door to door.

    My advice is to get quotes and compare and take on board that sea freight costs are changing weekly.
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    Thank you very much for your replies guys!

    A machine is a milling machine that does not exceed 1.5 by 1.5 by 1.5 m and is a part of the container, not the whole space. Also, the forklift is enough to unload it. At least it was for the bigger one we have, and as this new one is smaller I assume so.
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    And the weight is 500 kilograms with the packaging
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    OK, the above make a bit more sense. You are basically shipping a large shipment via LCL.

    I would strongly recommend you speak with a UK forwarder, and ask them to quote their best service option on an FOB basis, including their UK costs.

    For a 1.5m cube crate, it should be relatively standard, and, on an FOB basis, YOU have control and know what the UK costs will be prior to shipping.

    (For clarity, I work for a UK forwarder).

    I would guess you have purchased the goods on a CFR basis, and the shipper has arranged the freight, therefore you have had no control on UK costs, which is why you are getting "stung". When this happens, the agents in origin quite often do a "deal" with the shipper, giving them extremely low local costs there, BUT then the importer is stung with much higher charges than normal.

    Tell your shipper that you want to purchase cargo on an FOB basis. Then find and agree charges with a UK forwarder, and then get the UK forwarder to give you their agent details in China. You can then put your shipper in contact with that agent and everything will be arranged, and you will know what you will be paying.

    Hope that helps.
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